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Tote bags (the ones they give you to carry your purchases home) can actually make great tool rolls or a pencil case. This format of storage is great in that you can easily group together everything without much hassle, and also easily open and display all your utensils. For instance, this would be a great pouch to have for people who use large messenger bags that have zero organization, compartments, or pockets. This isn't a tool roll that costs an arm and a leg because of it's super rugged small batch [ smatch] USA handmade good looks, but it could be if you just acquired a leather bag from a thrift store in combination with a women's belt.

1. A tote bag
2. Scissors
3. Craft making/enhancing beverage

1. X-Acto knife
2. Stapler
3. Sewing kit

Hem the edges, use the straps as part of the hem, sew in pockets, etc. But I wanted a crude reuse of something I'd probably just throw away or use to hide dirty rags.


Codswallop (author)2012-12-02

Since a lot of these are made out of polymer fabrics, it might be possible to melt the fabric together, in the same way you melt the end of a piece of nylon cord to keep it from raveling. I am picturing a hot wire or a blade that presses two pieces of fabric together and sort of tack-welds them. Maybe such a tool already exists, or maybe I could make one. And thoughts?

dvo2 (author)Codswallop2012-12-02

Sounds good, give it a shot!

Wilmette (author)2012-12-01

I like this re-purposingand could see the general idea expanded. Would hot melt glue be useful in constructing this ?

dvo2 (author)Wilmette2012-12-02

You could try it and that's certainly a quick solution. Beats my staples. Stitching really is the way to go, though I currently am enjoying it just fine as a long piece of cloth that rolls up!

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