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I created a tote/caddy for my dad's walker. Once one starts using a simple walker it is difficult if not impossible to carry anything. The older we get the more peripherals and attachments we seems to need. Reading glasses, dentures, hearing aids, etc. (I would want the kind of walker with wheels and a seat that one can sit on to rest. There is usually storage under the seat too.)

Supplies: Minimal. Use what you have. If you feel the need to shop; Michael's, Hancock, JoAnn's and Wally World are where I buy most of mine.
Tools: Minimal. For sewing with denim I strongly recommend a good sewing machine. Most of the project can be done with glue. Embelishments can be done at any point. If you are going to machine stitch embellishments it will be easiest to do after cutting off the legs and stitching the center front and back, but before stitching the bottom of the bag.
Skills: Minimal. An eight year old can probably do this. Depending on their abilities, they may need assistance/supervision. If you are a beginner you will probably have fewer problems and greater success if you read ALL of the instructable first.

This tote is designed to hang on the crossbar of a walker or it can be modified to hang on a wheelchair. For the picture mine is hanging on a cage style personal shopping/utility cart.

My research was pretty much limited to Nancy Zieman's work and her Creative Kindness projects that I saw on her Sewing With Nancy PBS program. (Unfortunately my local PBS station dropped her program.) The walker caddy project in the Creative Kindness pages finishes about 24x12 with four ties. Simple and inexpensive so that they can be mass produced by anyone. There are many other projects including hats/turbans for people who have lost their hair.

For my dad I wanted something more personal and used velcro to aid in ease of attaching and removing the tote, instead of tying it on the bar. I used a pair of old jeans, the lining has KC Chiefs design and sparkly lettered name for identification. Unfortunately, I can't find the picure I took of the one I made for my dad. I think it was one of the last I took with my film camera before I realized it no longer worked.

What I'm not going to teach you:
I'm not going to teach you how to sew, although this is a great beginner's project since precision is not needed. Neatness counts for most of us, tho.
I'm not going to teach you how to use a sewing machine. Sewing machines come with manuals. Besides the newer electronic ones probably vary quite a bit in their operating instructions.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The supplies you use will depend your skill and the needs and personality of the person that will be using the caddy/tote. The size and style of the caddy/tote is determined by the needs and desires of the user of the tote and the skills and personality of the creator.

Supplies I used are:
Old pair of jeans
Fabric for lining, about one half yard
Thread - regular and topstitching to match the topstitching on the jeans you are altering
Velcro - ? long - 3/4 inch wide
Ribbon - ? long - 3/4 to one inch wide
Webbing for straps - one yard of one inch wide
Fabric Glue - I use Fabritac
Embellishments - This can be anything from contrasting thread to sequins and maribou feathers. I used iron on patches

nice bag, where did you get the iron on USA transfer? I'd love it but I can't find it on ebay.. thanks :)
I'm going to try this. It looks like I could make the bag even deeper- cut 6 inches below the crotch. I have some cargo pockets from my sons jeans I want to try to add. THANKS.
I've been trying to figure out how to make something to fit on my walker for travel. It'll need a little bit of alteration to fit my seated walker, but I think this is the perfect idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. :)
You're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions. And checkout sewingwithnancy.com She has some great stuff. I've learned so much from watching her show. I wish my PMS station still carried it.
I love it, just what I needed for those Fleamarket shopping days :D
Thanks. The velcro makes it easy to remove and attach, then get carried away with the handles... Since mine was originally designed to be attached to a walker I didn't put a closure on it. The front two velcro loops serve as the closure. Easy to customize.

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