The old towel rack in our bathroom had to go. It was too small and falling apart. Everything that a rack shouldn't be. As the title says this could be used for hanging towels, coats or just about anything else that belongs on a hook but for my purposes it is bath towels. Sure I could just go buy another mass produced one but it wouldn't be exactly the way I want it and you wouldn't have the joy of reading this instructable so off we go!


A piece of lumber. I used 3/4" 5"w x 3'L left over from another past project = >$1
(4) hooks 2 in a package = $4
paint = left over from an previous project $0 or use spray paint $1
some long multipurpose or drywall screws = >$1

A saw. Circular, table, hand, band will all suffice.
A drill
(1) 1/8" drill bit
(1) 1/2" drill bit
paint brush or sponge
router & round over bit

Step 1: Cut the Board to Size.

Cut the board down to 18" x 3". I used a table & compound miter saw, you can use any type of saw that will provide a nice straight cut.

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