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This "pocket" is great to take anywhere - even if visiting friends. It is an easy way to keep scarfs, belts and small items tidy and out of the way. In hotels, you can hang your coat over the pocket with the small outer pocket to the back to conceal private papers, etc. when a safe isn't available.

My mother travels a lot and she will find this useful!

Step 1: Assemble the materials

Picture of Assemble the materials
You will need:
- for the main pocket a piece of fabric approximately 18" by 20".
- a matching zipper 18" long or more
- a co-ordinating piece of fabric about 10" by 7"
- a second zipper for the outside pocket 10" long or more
- co-ordinating thread
- a coat-hanger ( with smooth shoulders is easiest)

I used some fabric and zips I had on hand. You can also use remnants. You will usually find these in a bin at the fabric store. They are the pieces too small to sell at full price so you can often pick them up for less than a dollar.
mary.parry (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all the positive comments! My mother has come up with another idea which I have yet to try; that is to use a shirt or blouse you no longer wear (or from a thrift shop) and convert it to a pocket to make this even more discreet and harder to spot.
louisecross6 years ago
Great idea. If the whole thing was all the same colour the fact that there is a pocket would be less obvious, also if there was a 'lacy floral' flap over the front that gave the whole look of a 'granny craft' item it would make it even more 'concealed' if someone was to have a quick rummage in the wardrobe. I'm gong to make one. thanks
kirnex6 years ago
This is VERY cool for travel. Wondering, though: have you ever flown using these in a carry-on garment bag? I'm just curious if TSA gets paranoid when they see a pocket with stuff in it on the X-ray. I guess you just can't be stupid about what you put in there. I love these, though. You really ought to sell these on Etsy! :)
xxk4r3nxx6 years ago
Great Idea! thx for sharing! oh and I had another idea.. if you put a little loop on the bottom than you can hang another hanger on it and save even more space. just a thought...
arentnancy6 years ago
Neat idea, and you don't even need to leave home to find it useful. Think how a bunch of them on one of those multiple hanger things would hold a bunch of stuff. (Multiple hanger thing is that object with rings for hangers that lets you put several garments in the space of one fat one by hanging vertically).
capricorn6 years ago
Wonderful idea indeed, my mom will love it too :)
solo.card6 years ago
This is a fantastic idea!
Mr. Rig It6 years ago
I think this is one of those ideas that you can make millions of $$ with. Why not make the pocket the same size as the hanger though you could fit more stuff. Good job!
mary.parry (author)  Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Thanks for the comment. In fact only the outer pocket is small. If you look carefully you will see that there is a zip along the bottom to allow access to the larger pocket.