Make a Tri-fold Pirate Hat!





Introduction: Make a Tri-fold Pirate Hat!

Yarr, I noticed that there was a lack of pirate hat Instructables, so I decided this would be my first. Ever want to dress up as a pirate for whatever reason, but have to settle on not wearing a hat because they are so expensive? Well fear no more! TheCaptain is hear with the solution!
This Instructable will cost about $10-$15 (most professional hats are around $40-$50), or less if you have items on hand or are an effective scavenger (or pirate, though I do not condone any unlawful practices of course...).

Step 1: Gather Materials

First, you will need equipment with which to make your hat. You will need:

-A full brimmed sun hat that YOU WILL NOT WEAR AGAIN (I bought mine a few years ago on vacation in Florida for about $10. It's been a little beaten around since)

- Fasteners (I used simple leathercraft rivets, but you could use paper fasteners or something to tie with)

- Tape (if using paper fasteners)

- String or ribbon (I have pictured sued leather ribbon)

- pins (if using ties instead of fasteners)

- feather (optional)

If you have a hat that you want to dye another color, do it the day before to make sure it is dry. I have no idea how to dye anything other than leather, so I just stuck with the natural straw color.

Step 2: Gauge the Folds.

Try folding the brim of your hat to form the general shape to see what you like.

Step 3: Begin Setting.

Once you have decided where to set your folds, you will use one of two processes to make the actual fold:

1) If you are using a rivets or fasteners, just push through the material. If you aren't using a material like straw, you might need to punch holes in the hat. If you are using fasteners, tape the part of the fastener on the inside of the hat so it doesn't get caught in your hair.

2) if you are going to stitch the hat (for a more authentic look), you will just pin the folds and do all the stitching later.

Step 4: Continue Folding.

Make the second fold across from the first. If you want to make a hat in the style of "The Sea Dog", stop here and leave the back down to keep the sun off your neck.

Step 5: Complete the Trifold.

Now, you will need to find the center line of the hat. I was lucky enough to have a hat with a noticeable ridge right down the center of the top. Set the last fold on this center line on the back of the hat.

If you are using the tie method, it would now be time to go over all your pins with the ribbon. I will go over this method in another edition. If you want to see how the tie looks, look at Captain Jack's hat in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Step 6: Embellish and Finish.

If you want to make any embellishments, now is the time to do it! I stuck a pelican feather in it, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Now put on your hat, grasp your cutlass, and start plundering!



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    Birds have got loads. Occasionally, they drop one. Look around you when you're out. Especially when you're somewhere birds have been. You may find one.

    If you do not know exactly what kind of feather it is I would not advise collecting them.

    The birds do not care but the governments do. I know people who have been fined.

    Craft stores are amuchh saferchoicee.


    wow this looks easy great for someone if its there first instructable=D

    I used a stapler for ITLAP Day last year...

    theoreticall, you could. You would have to bend the nail to secore it, clip off the sharp bit, then file down the edge. I wouldnt suggest it, though.

    The work is easier, although the project takes more time, if you soak the straw hat. This works with leather too. They both get more pliable damp. You can set crisper folds and tighter curves too. When it dries it holds it's shape (less strain on fastenings).

    3 replies

    soaking can make a huge difference in projects like this. I do some leatherwork, like footwear for reenacting. Sewing dry leather vs. damp is night and day. And if you've ever woven a basket, working with a straw hat is very similar.

    Cant say that I have... I do some leathercraft myself, I just didnt think to carry the soaking thing over. Thanks for the tip!

    wow, I hadnt thought of soaking it... I AM currently working on the leather version, but I dought it will make it to instructables.

    I was looking for something easy to do. I found another one but that's just way too much work for me. (Not a good idea for me of all people to really be handling "good" scissors). Too many steps and not enough time. Rivets, fasteners and some needle and thread are pretty much the only thing my brain can handle. I have some black spray paint and a large fancy feather from an old pimp hat to stick in it, and of course it's not truly complete without a brilliant scarf for the head (Personal stash. Good thing I don't have to make that). I'll be ready for my Pirate Football Game (this Saturday) in no time flat! This is GREAT!

    2 replies

    Hahar, youre made after me own little black heart, mate!

    Got me an old hat today at the thrift store! Also picked up an extra huge skirt in my school's colors to make into a head scarf (ECU - GO PIRATES) - paisley will just have to work. Now all I need are some gold hoop earrings, and I'll be set. It's raining here today so the black paint will just have to wait.

    Thank'e, comments 'r allays preciated.