Make a Unique Hat From a Stuffed Animal





Introduction: Make a Unique Hat From a Stuffed Animal

Recycle old teddy bears by turning them into warm hats.

Step 1: Get a Big Stuffed Animal and Choppy-choppy

You'll need a large stuffed animal for this project.
So bone up on your ring toss skills: get out there and win one at the local fair.

No, seriously, try checking out Goodwill. They have stuffed animals for really cheap.

Of course, there's always the option of stealing one from your snot-nosed nephews.

The only tool you'll need for this project is SCISSORS.

STEP ONE: Cut the head off your bear.

Step 2: Put the Bear's Head on Your Head

Take the freshly severed head and clean all the stuffing out of it.

Important note: If you have allergies, this is best time to GO WASH YOUR BEAR HEAD.

Wash your own stinky head, too. You probably need it.



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    I think you should sew the arms to the head, it would look so cool.

    Haha! This is amazing! It makes me want to re-create Luna Lovegood's lion hat!

    Now ; i just need to make a way to like attach hands and all to my it like those hoodie hats.

    You say this is warm, but isn't it cold going around with a bear head?

    Hmm... I think this would look even better with a matching bear-body backpack... :-)

    that would be freaking awesome!

    Ooo. I love that idea. You just would need straps and zippers... A little bit a sewing skills

    You show no shame in what you are doing.

    Truly disturbing, but fun.

    even more disturbing, after you cut its head off, sew the neck back up and pretend its fine. give it to someones kid.