Recycle old teddy bears by turning them into warm hats.
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Step 1: Get a big stuffed animal and choppy-choppy

You'll need a large stuffed animal for this project.
So bone up on your ring toss skills: get out there and win one at the local fair.

No, seriously, try checking out Goodwill. They have stuffed animals for really cheap.

Of course, there's always the option of stealing one from your snot-nosed nephews.

The only tool you'll need for this project is SCISSORS.

STEP ONE: Cut the head off your bear.
jgmaciasf2 years ago
I think you should sew the arms to the head, it would look so cool.
lily.t3 years ago
Haha! This is amazing! It makes me want to re-create Luna Lovegood's lion hat!
Now ; i just need to make a way to like attach hands and all to my it like those hoodie hats.
wobbler3 years ago
You say this is warm, but isn't it cold going around with a bear head?
Patrik6 years ago
Hmm... I think this would look even better with a matching bear-body backpack... :-)
that would be freaking awesome!
UltriconConvoy (author)  Patrik6 years ago
Ooo. I love that idea. You just would need straps and zippers... A little bit a sewing skills
Screamo4 years ago
You show no shame in what you are doing.
IdahoDavid6 years ago
Truly disturbing, but fun.
even more disturbing, after you cut its head off, sew the neck back up and pretend its fine. give it to someones kid.
Eureika4 years ago

Poor guy! D: 
StoryAddict5 years ago
Poor teddy! Did he scream when you took to hacking his neck?
AWE...:( Poor guy.....
Nymph6 years ago
Very creative!
spudbliss6 years ago
now i have a threat to make besides "i'll kill you" when a stuffed animal won't stop eyeballin me
sicsick66 years ago
if Hitler was still here this is what he would have been doing... simply inhumane! Poor poor teddies...
carpespasm6 years ago
It would be good to take a section from the body and sew it into a bowl shape to line the inside of the hat with so the stuffing doesn't get out.
Pie_eata6 years ago
Ode to the Decapitation of Stuffed animals :P +1
le-Sid6 years ago
sniff.. poor bear... ;)
darkmuskrat6 years ago
Hmm, i must try and get a giant "chocobo" and do this :P
Patrik6 years ago
Hm... thinking of stuffed animal heads... How about a trophy wall? :-) Stuffed animal taxidermy? :-D
canida6 years ago
Nice, simple, and a bit concerning. I like it.