Laser can refresh your air by kill the bad bacteria and fungus in the air.You can make a cool lamp too. All with the usb power.

Step 1: Cut pc blade

Picture of cut pc blade
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cut all the blade on a pc fan,drill 4 hole on a moni dv disk and glued 4 laser
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AlexR910 months ago

buy UV-C BULB and place it in the center


casper.7077 years ago
Not to down your instructable, but can;t laser radiation severely impair your eye-sight or even make you blind?Just thinking...
So does masturbation, according to nuns world wide, but it doesn't seem to stop us.
yes, ahahah
Its impossible that you can purifie air with that.Air is a compound of 78.08% nitrogen,20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide and 1% water vapor that can varie.You cant realy say theres "bad air", you may consider it has a high quantity of bacteria,CO2,humidity...etc.The lasers dont do anything to them facts, all your doing is producing a stream of fotons throw a bottle, thats not going to change the quantity of humidity or C02 and the only way it could kill bacteria would be a powerfull laser that beamed still in one spot and mabe then the heat would kill the bacteria(that would only happen on the surfice of what your aiming at).Sorry to say but that laser thing doesnt do anything to the air.
Even if he cannot purify anything with that ... is just another way to enrich your lab with "freaky technology" ... next to jacob scale and tesla coil...this will look gorgerous on the shelves of your lab ...
Or, like hivoltage said, you could try get hold of a UV laser diode then try with that with some sort of protection from the beam
You'd need a very powerful far-UV diode for that, a UV arc lamp is much better.
Yeah probably but then you would have to mess about with an inverter to drive the tube off 5v but the USB port might not have enough current... :)
You're right - it would defeat the purpose to make it not-USB and not-laser. Still, though, it would actually do something...
Yeah probably lol :)
TheMaker8885 years ago
 Does it do anything other then looking kool?
msm_bound5 years ago
very very nice project

i have two questions :

1- how did u make the laser work ??? i mean how and where to connect it
2- where do i get this laser parts and for how much ??
please i am in the dead line for doing this project so i need ur help as soon as u can
hivoltage6 years ago
I don't believe this "purifier" is actually capable of killing bacteria. The only way red light can kill a bacteria is if it causes enough localized heating to the bacterium to kill it, which would require a very high power laser. light in the UV-C range can cause damage to the DNA of a bacteria or virus and effectively prevent it from reproducing and render it harmless. UV-C is around 250nm while this uses red laser light at around 630nm, not nearly a short enough wavelength to do much besides looking cool.
How does it kill the bacteria, does it generate ozone or something?
light destroys bacteria. Its simple as that.
The radiation sterilizes the bacteria.
Uthman Phazonx8 years ago
see my reply to "pyrotecnix" comment.
junits156 years ago
This is not purifing air, maybe something with carbon pellets would but not this..
lagenger8 years ago
what is the power of the lasers? because they look bright than the crapy 99 cent store ones.
nabzaf lagenger7 years ago
it is just the bottle that makes them look brite (same concept as fiber optics). the crapy 99 cent store lasers have bad try me now battries if you replace them they will look britter.
nabzaf nabzaf7 years ago
so for the spell'n
nabzaf nabzaf7 years ago
sorry even. man my mind is just not work'n today
whats powering jah laserz??
the power that came with the lasers. battry power. you could make some sort or rail system to power it tho.
arthaha8 years ago
i dont get it, how does this purify air and how are the lasers powered ?!
It Doesn't It's just one of those cheap things that someone thought might work. no offense to loup226
One question hasn't been answered: What kind of lasers are they and what power???? Because they are too bright for some cheap ones
pyrotecnix7 years ago
do lasers actually kill bacteria, i have never heard of that one?
not lasers specificaly. but bacteria do react to high frequency light, it stops bacteria from multiplying, it never actually "kills" them. high frequency light, such as from some specific lasers, basically sterilizes them (makes them unable to have sex or multiply) which makes them harmless to us because our white blood cells (leukocytes) just clean them up. the most powerful (and only) weapon pacteria have against us is in how fast they multiply. the light makes cis-trans enantiomers out of some important reproductive proteins and compounds which makes them unable to proliferate...
So, If I expose a petri dish with thriving bacteria to laser light, the bacteria in the petri dish will stop spreading?
As long as the laser is on a UV spectrum.

In fact, not only can they be stopped from multiplying, but we can detect them in such a fashion as well. Some bacteria (such as a relative of antrax, Bacillus subtilis) actually fluoresce (fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs light of a given wavelength and reemits it at longer wavelengths) giving us the oppurtunity to detect the wavelength of emmited light, detect the bacteria and find out whats inside the bacteria as well.

I did an experiment recently in which i took swabs all over my home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) placed them on two liquid substrate test tubes and alowed them to incubate. I modified one of them by exposing them to high frequency UV light (that i made from instructables :) and the test tube with the light established one small bacterial colony while the one uninfluenced by the light made nine various colonies.

PS> i actually did the experiment twice because the first time i used test tubes made of glass that partially blocked UV light. DUM :)
Glass partially blocks UV light? Or do you mean it refracts it?
I was thinking on a broader side, since you can find glass that refracts, reflects, polarizes or scatters light, you see i wasn't exactly sure what my test tubes did, I just ordered a new batch over the internet and those worked. I thought "blocks" covered all the bases :) sorry.
Are those laser pointers powerful enough for you to see the beam, or is it the high air flow?
Bleach908 years ago
I like this idea, but wouldn't UV lights be more effective at killing microbes in the air, of course the price of the parts would increase too. Some people put them in ducts to help prevent mold and they are used in many air purifiers.
The price of parts would increase, but not too much, unless you're using UV lasers. But UV LEDs might do the trick. Thing is, you do not want to expose yourself to the UV light, since it's bad for you're health.
Another thing is ionizers. They use a very high voltage (in kilovolts) to purify air, however some say they cause cancer. Unfortunately, they emit no light :(
jongscx7 years ago
...how effective is this? I've read the science behind it, but what volume/time of air are you approximately purifying with this device?
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