Step 4: Plant your mural!

To plant your mural, cut a horizontal slit along the upper 1/3 of the cell, and insert a plant, seedlings work best; lettuce, herbs, chives etc. We were less succesful with seed. Keep drought resistant varieties towards the top.
Add a soaker hose to the top of the wall and cover with a 1/2"- 1' of compost . Grow, give your friends salad plates and encourage them to start at one end of the wall and pick a salad by the time they reach the other end. If you plant chives, snip the flowers add to vineger to make chive vinegar for your salad. Add more posts and fencing to make a living fence,
and enjoy frustrating the rabbits.

<p>I was really very much glad to see this lovely vertical garden.It is perfect for appartment living.The way you presented everything is really inspiring.I liked your instruction and ideas.If you put a chain link fence around your garden,you can protect your yard from wild animals.Thanks for nice sharing.</p>
I love this; it would make a great kitchen-herb wall as well as a salad wall. Edible flowers could even be added for extra color. <br> <br>You must have short bunnies at your school - the rabbits here can easily reach lettuce in a 10-inch tall planter (I think they jump into the planter).
We are going to plant Nasturtiums, an edible flower, across the top. <br>As built, both sides of the structure are plantable so that with a little consideration both sun and shade loving plants can be planted on opposite sides.
That sounds outstanding! You got my vote yesterday.
I'm from the city. In what way does this frustrate rabbits? Is it deer-proof too?
The tender lettuce is beyond the reach of the rabbits, but, alas, it is the perfect height for deer... Another plus... no voles
I'm guessing it's because its too tall for the buns towards the top. So be sure to plant things rabbits dont like towards the bottom, or plant things you dont mind them munching, like clover or even dandelion, which is great to eat too.

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