Picture of Make a very simple bird feeder.
This is so simple to do, All you need is a small log and some very basic tools.
I usually make a dozen of these each year for the local infants school, Just mix suet or lard and some bird seed in a bowl, then
stuff the mixture into the holes, hang it on a branch or something... happy birdies!
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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
A piece of branch wood. -  this one is approximately 75mm x 180mm
A 25mm drill bit. - Forstner, spade or auger.
A knife.
A Hook or staple.

Step 2: Drill

Picture of Drill
Hold the log firmly in a vice, or clamp to a bench or table and drill 10 or 12, 25mm holes about 20mm deep.

Step 3: Chamfer

Picture of Chamfer
Chamfer around both ends using a sharp knife.

Step 4: Hang

Picture of Hang
Fit a hook or staple, a round head nail would do even, and attach a length of string.

There you go!... how simple is that?
woodmagnet3 years ago
Great idea, thanks for sharing.
That's great. Very easy. :)