Make a Web Browser in Visual Basic





Introduction: Make a Web Browser in Visual Basic

Im going to teach you how to make a web browser in Visual Basic 2005.

Step 1: Starting

Open Visual Basic and start a new Windows Application.

Step 2: Adding the Tools

Add a:

Text Box
Web Browser
5 Buttons

in that order.

Step 3: Arranging the Pieces Right

Arrange them like this and rename them like I did.

Step 4: Now for the Code

Double click on the form and type in:
Me.Text = "Web Browser"
like this:

Step 5: GO Button Code

double click on the Go button and type in:

Step 6: Back Button Code

Click (actually double click) on the back button and type in:
like this

Step 7: Forward Button Code

Double click on the forward button and type in:
like this

Step 8: REFRESH Code

double click on the refresh button and type in:
like this

Step 9: HOME Button

Double click on the home button and type:
like this

Step 10: Try It Out

Click on the Debug button

Step 11: Publishing It

Click on build
then click on publish and keep clicking next
like these three pictures Im putting up

Step 12: You're Finished!

you've finally created a web browser! now give yourself a hand and go sell it online or something.

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A problem many of you may have with an expected end of statement is that you need a semicolon to end the statement. So instead of


you would have to type


Other than that this was a great tutorial!

i was is my browser making fast is very in one

There is no need for semicolon on Visual Basic.

nevermind i figured it out

click on any button, on right side their property shown, go to the text property and rename button name

nevermind i figured it out

how do I rename t the buttons?

how do I rename t the buttons?