Picture of Make a web browser in visual basic
Im going to teach you how to make a web browser in Visual Basic 2005.
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Step 1: Starting

Picture of Starting
Open Visual Basic and start a new Windows Application.

Step 2: Adding the tools

Picture of Adding the tools
Add a:

Text Box
Web Browser
5 Buttons

in that order.

Step 3: Arranging the pieces right

Picture of Arranging the pieces right
Arrange them like this and rename them like I did.

Step 4: Now for the code

Picture of Now for the code
Double click on the form and type in:
Me.Text = "Web Browser"
like this:

Step 5: GO button code

Picture of GO button code
double click on the Go button and type in:

Step 6: Back button code

Picture of Back button code
Click (actually double click) on the back button and type in:
like this

Step 7: Forward button code

Picture of Forward button code
Double click on the forward button and type in:
like this

Step 8: REFRESH code

Picture of REFRESH code
double click on the refresh button and type in:
like this

Step 9: HOME button

Picture of HOME button
Double click on the home button and type:
like this

Step 10: Try it out

Picture of Try it out
Click on the Debug button

Step 11: Publishing it

Picture of Publishing it
Click on build
then click on publish and keep clicking next
like these three pictures Im putting up

Step 12: You're finished!

Picture of You're finished!
you've finally created a web browser! now give yourself a hand and go sell it online or something.
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narbie199517 days ago

am getting an error that their is an expected end of the statement.

am getting an error that their is an expected end of the statement.

PKM6 years ago
I would point out that the "WebBrowser" control is effectively an embedded Internet Explorer, so you are really creating a "skin" for the browser rather than creating your own, but that is picking nits- this is a simple but effective project. If only real browsers had controls that minimalist...
lolcat360 (author)  PKM6 years ago
i made a better one. heres a picture
How do you change the name of the program so it doesn't say "Form1" all the time?
wc3717 BraedenAM5 months ago

You have to click on the form and in the bottem right corner click on text and type in the name and press enter.

PKM lolcat3606 years ago
Now, see, if the WebBrowser control was Firefox rather than Internet Explorer I would totally use that- I could do without losing 110 vertical pixels of my pathetically tiny monitor.
munchman PKM6 years ago
You can download that. It is called Mozilla Browser control - you can download the DLL somewhere but I can't remember
actually, it's called geckofx.

forum website:
main website: 
No. There's one available from Mozilla called Mozilla Browser Control. Google it.
lolcat360 (author)  PKM6 years ago
Maybe if you only have firefox then that's what the control will be. If you don't have Internet Explorer, chances are that's now what the web browser will be.
internet explorer is what opens my computer and my documents, and stuff like that, so its pretty much impossible not to have it
PKM lolcat3606 years ago
Sadly I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that- Visual Basic is a Microsoft product that assumes a Windows environment so will always have Internet Explorer around, even if it's not the default browser. I work with this technology in my job and we have to pay attention to the subtle differences between Internet Explorer and Firefox because some of our older technologies only work with IE. I'm not sure you can get rid of Internet Explorer- it's a core part of Windows that I don't think you can uninstall like other programs. Shame...
lolcat360 (author)  lolcat3606 years ago
I mean "not"
wait so it isnt really a web browser?
ksoza6 months ago

how would i make a favorites button an dsettings tab and bookmarkbar and allow extentions?

kwilson962 made it!6 months ago

I needed a browser for my XP computer. IE kept crashing, and Chrome would not install due to outdated hardware. To get the install working on the XP, I did need to first download and install "Windows Imaging Component (WIC)" from Microsoft.

For the textbox and the buttons, I used a tablelayoutpanel with column widths set to percentages and rows set to autosize (with textbox spanning all but one column). I put that table (dock set to top) and the webbrowser control (dock set to fill) into another tablelayoutpanel with rows autosized (and only one column). That way I could maximize the program and everything would look the same.

I will be adding tabs and adding an option to set home page to current page. And who knows what else?

Thanks for the quick start!

Web Browser Picture.png
torned002 years ago
how to set the homepage?


Just add this line to Home button:

" WebBrowser1.Navigate("") " (without quotas and choose any website you like) :)

and line "WebBrowser1.GoHome()" you can delete or add « ' » before line, like this:

" 'WebBrowser1.GoHome() ". This line now should be green.

But mainly, if there is not this code line in «Home» button, it will open your default home page you have set on your windows internet options. :)

Hope it works for you!

Peace! :)

torned002 years ago
is it possible to create portable apps in vb2005/2008?
alegaspi12 years ago
Okay, This Instructable is pretty awesome. You see, I was gonna use this for my science fair. (:D) I was wondering, do you know how to put a print and stop button? How to add bookmarks and Bookmarks Bar? how to put an icon for when it loads a site? and a loading bar? How to change the home site? How to fix the "script error" message? Please Message me! :)
BTW, can i use this for science fair project? (Don't worry, deadline is far away.) :)
lolcat360 (author)  alegaspi12 years ago
Do you still have time?
Yeah! Don't worry man, I have a lot of time. My parents are letting me do the science fair very early. :P
it is just simple browse by the way how to auto refresh in this browser.............//////
heer_soni2 years ago
Hey ol... need to make some Web based project......kind of a web browser or any other application ....any suggestionss... Can afford working offtrack...../
joynal3 years ago

i want web browse fixt web....

how can i make.. can u help me?
arikyeo5 years ago
 this is what ive created... will make an 'ible next time(I AM NOT GIVING UP MY SOURCE CODE - HAW-HAW!!!)it's using the office ribbon GUI (dl from
Dude. (Maybe?) I started my own software company based on this Instructable. I made Jphweb Carbon it uses the same principle as yours. Its open-source too.
Plus mine uses Trident (used here), GeckoFX and Webkit .NET
lolcat360 (author)  jamesjph3 years ago
Cool, I'm going to try it.
BTW, I was only 8 when I made this Instructable. :)
Wow, 8? I'm 12 and I don't know VB! Way to go!
twilliams323 years ago
Many websites redirect you once you go to a homepage. However, these instructions do not bind or otherwise update the textbox to reflect this.
collard416 years ago
can someone upload a finished version. thanks 5* faved
jbrar collard413 years ago
just download this thing called "Mozzila firefox" if you want a finished one. GAWD! if you arnt gonna make one, why the hell bothering to get a simple internet explorer based browser instead of the real thing?
jbrar3 years ago
sahmad23 years ago
i did mine but when i press play for the first time it says windows browser can not start debugging because it cannot finde a file
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Also, you could:
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