Picture of Make a web browser in visual basic
Im going to teach you how to make a web browser in Visual Basic 2005.
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Step 1: Starting

Picture of Starting
Open Visual Basic and start a new Windows Application.

Step 2: Adding the tools

Picture of Adding the tools
Add a:

Text Box
Web Browser
5 Buttons

in that order.

Step 3: Arranging the pieces right

Picture of Arranging the pieces right
Arrange them like this and rename them like I did.

Step 4: Now for the code

Picture of Now for the code
Double click on the form and type in:
Me.Text = "Web Browser"
like this:

Step 5: GO button code

Picture of GO button code
double click on the Go button and type in:

Step 6: Back button code

Picture of Back button code
Click (actually double click) on the back button and type in:
like this

Step 7: Forward button code

Picture of Forward button code
Double click on the forward button and type in:
like this

Step 8: REFRESH code

Picture of REFRESH code
double click on the refresh button and type in:
like this

Step 9: HOME button

Picture of HOME button
Double click on the home button and type:
like this

Step 10: Try it out

Picture of Try it out
Click on the Debug button

Step 11: Publishing it

Picture of Publishing it
Click on build
then click on publish and keep clicking next
like these three pictures Im putting up

Step 12: You're finished!

Picture of You're finished!
you've finally created a web browser! now give yourself a hand and go sell it online or something.