A friend just finished getting a new deck installed and offered to give me some short pieces of leftover ipe wood if I had any good ideas for what to make with it.  Having wanted to replace the welcome mat in front of our door for a while this seemed like the perfect project.  Here's how to make your own doormat using scraps of wood and a bit of string.  I made mine at techshop.

To end up with the same size as I made you'll need enough 1" thick lumber that is 26" long or longer to cut 15 strips, each one inch wide.  3 1"x6"26" boards should do it.  You'll also need some jute twine to tie the thing together.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Cut All the Wood to Size

Using a chop saw cut all the wood to 26" long, move to a table saw and make a pile of 1" wide strips.  The wood I used had rounded edges so I saved two pieces to use as the outside pieces for my mat and trimmed the rest of the edges before cutting the boards in to strips.
<p>I want to make a rolling string mat, like the one in photo. Does yours roll up? Do I need to leave some slack twine in between each slat for the mat to roll? </p><p>How thick should the twine be? 3-ply, 5-ply Jute Twine<strong>?</strong></p>
I have been looking for the perfect mat for my place and now I found it! thanx!
SIMPLE, STRAIGHT FORWARD....NICE! <br> <br>needed something for infront of my rabbit cage (other thank a frying pan, fava beans, and a nice chianti) This will be perfect! <br> <br>

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