This is a video tutorial, detailing how to make a wet felted wool curl. This is a great element that can be added to jewelry or other decorative stuff. It is a really useful thing to know how to make, because they can add a much needed organic feel to a design that is starting to feel too static. I love them and thought that I would share.

Step 1: Get Your Materials Together

Here is what you will need for this simple wet felting project:

Wool roving
A pipe cleaner
A felting surface (like ribbed shelf liner)
Really hot water
bamboo skewer
<p>This was so helpful! I tried to make a felted curl on the end of a pencil but got lots of rough fibers sticking out. Didn't realize that it would have been better to us merino. Also had a tough time getting the curl to stay; but now see how brillant it is to use the pipe cleaner as the core. Thanks!!!</p>
Nice. Good idea if you need exact colour of flat felt. Locks are great if you don't need a colour match

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