This multi-tasking loom is my DIY version of the commercial All 'n one knitting board It seemed like an easy wood-work project and looms in general are expensive and fairly hard to come by down my side of the woods.

Using the 2 small spacer blocks it is possible to use it as a knitting board, either single knit or double knit and using the pegged spacers it is a variable peg round loom.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I had some left over pallet planks and decided to use that, which in hindsight wasn't really a good idea, the DE-HT (Denmark- heat treated) pine is soft and all the pulling and tugging tends to loosen the pegs.

I used:

  • 2 x 20mm² x 406mm (16inch) lengths of pine that I jig sawed out of a pallet plank.
  • 2 x 90mm long M6 stove bolts and wing-nuts.
  • 2 small spacer blocks 20mm² x 20mm long.
  • 2 larger pegged blocks 20mm² x 37mm long.
  • 2m of 5mm dia dowel for the pegs.
  • a pack (300) of plastic beads 8mm OD 4.4mm ID
  • 2 x M6 fender washers which I squared off to use as the metal sliders on the sliding block.

Rather use a hard wood for the dowel, bamboo skewers tend to splinter very easily and pine is too soft and easily damaged by the metal loom hook.


  • Drill press is a must for the vertical peg holes.
  • Jigsaw if you are using a larger plank and need to cut the frame pieces out.
  • 5mm drill bit.
  • Tape measure
  • a small length of broken hacksaw blade to cut the slots in the frame and pegs.
  • Optionally, a router with a small bit is another less labour intensive way of grooving the side rails

The usual cautions apply when using power tools, eye n ear protection.

A drill press can slap you wide awake with a 16inch pine batten if you're sleeping and forgot to clamp the work piece down.

<p>Could I use cotter pins for pegs?</p>
<p>A friend's father made me something similar ~30 years ago and used finish nails. Just enough of a head to keep the yarn from slipping off.</p>
<p>Sure, but expensive when you need 60+ of them...compared to dowel and plastic beads.</p>
<p>Yeah, but we've got this <u>big</u><strong> </strong>bucket of cotter pins...</p>
<p>Yeah, but we've got this <u>big</u><strong> </strong>bucket of cotter pins...</p>
<p>Yeah, but we've got this <u>big</u><strong> </strong>bucket of cotter pins...</p>
<p>So smart!</p>
<p>oh my gosh I love this, thank you so much for sharing! quite a brilliant creation for $5!! </p>

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