Picture of Make an Adjustable Tablet Stand
Last year I got tablet fever. 

I schemed of ways to rationalize buying a tablet and came up with a perfectly plausible reason to buy one.  (right honey?) I have a giant pile of recipes that I have printed off the internet as well as other recipes and notes that I've collected over the past 25 years of cooking.  It's a drag shuffling through piles of papers looking for the recipe you need.  ( Yes, I've organized them several times but they get pulled out and I can't seem to keep up).  Going digital with the recipes made sense but a laptop is just too vulnerable and takes up too much counter space in the kitchen.  A tablet would be perfect.  A convenient place to organize and access all my cooking stuff in a device with a small foot print.

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond shopping for Christmas stuff and just happened to notice that they had book readers.  Long story short I got one.  It was a Pandigital Novel which I converted to an android tablet

After trying to prop the tablet up on the counter with apples and other useless items I realized that I was going to need a stand for this thing.  I wanted something minimal and adjustable that I could sit on the counter above the mess.

Step 1: Stuff You're Gonna Need....


Plastic cutting board, 1/2" thick- I had it on hand.  A nice piece of wood would work too.

Plastic snap together coolant hose- Get the Male NPT kit from Enco for $8.

A base-  I had a nice metal lab equipment base.  A piece of 3/4" thick wood would do fine here as well.

A metal clothes hanger or similar gauge wire.


Spray glue & super glue



A saw to cut the wood or plastic

Two pairs of pliers

Wire cutters


Drill & bits

1/4" pipe tap

Metal file
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otmaneelrhazi9 months ago
Awesome tutorial. thanks for sharing.
Awesome tutorial, but your link for the Male NPT kit from Enco is a little borked. You've got two instances of http in the beginning of the link with no : in the second instance.
spike3579 (author)  bababooey181 year ago
Fixed! Thanks
mdishaq2 years ago
Very Nice idea ................................(^_^)
mnkysan2 years ago
This is really something! Very resourceful. Love the wire hanger use--I'm catching on to what a great material it is for lots of projects...
spike3579 (author)  mnkysan2 years ago
It was a little bit of inspiration as I was trying to figure what to use that would be unobtrusive but sturdy. I had to search around for a bit to even find a wire hanger. Most of ours are plastic these days.
Nice one. It helps me.
spike3579 (author)  mahi1141kumar2 years ago
Hope to see your tablet stand soon... Post a picture in the comments.
Nice instructable and concept! I've enjoyed my Novel for months. It's got quirks, but it's a great intro to tablets.
spike3579 (author)  TheOlMaestro2 years ago
I agree. I really like it too.