Step 19: Advent Devotions for Use With Your Advent Wreath

You can download free audio daily devotions for use during Advent at this link from Lutheran Hour Ministries in St. Louis. You can search the Internet for Advent devotions offered by others. (If the link goes away, you can also search for <Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent devotions>.) Or, Amazon has quite a number of devotions for Advent from Max Lucado and others that you can purchase. With all that are available, you should be able to find a series that suits your tastes.

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be hectic with all of the activities we believe necessary to prepare for Christmas--sending Christmas cards, shopping for gifts, decorating, hosting and attending parties, and accommodating guests, etc. When Germans want to wish each other a Merry Christmas, a frequent greeting seen on Christmas cards and elsewhere is, "Dir ein besinnliches Fest," which is, "(I wish) to you a contemplative celebration." An Advent wreath coupled with family Advent devotions can shift your focus away from hectic activities that may not really be necessary to some quiet contemplation of Jesus' coming and birth, and that can make your Christmas very meaningful. 
<p>Thank you Phil for this great post. However, I found multiple errors on this post especially on the links pointing to certain site selling candles for Advent Wreath. I found some here: <a href="http://www.gaspardinc.com/metal-ware-and-accessories/advent-wreaths.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.gaspardinc.com/metal-ware-and-accessori...</a></p><p><br>Brittany</p>
Brittany, thank you for the information. The links worked when I first posted this. I can try to update link. When I tried to open the link you supplied I got a &quot;404, Not Found&quot; message. Perhaps these things change more than we would like.
Nice...here is Amherst
Diane, welcome to Instructables! Most who join &quot;lurk&quot; and never post anything. I am confident those who think they have nothing to offer really do. But, if they are not ready to post something, that is OK, too. Anyway, whatever your interests, someone here is posting about it. An exception to that is a couple of problems I had. I came to Instructables looking for a solution. There were no helps for my problem. I had to solve my problem myself and then post it for others to read and use.
It looks great: simple and beauty! In Germany you often see these wreath' overloaded with decorations, but sometimes less is more.
I have seen photos of wreaths with various kinds of accents on the greenery, like leaves of a lighter color, etc. Thank you for looking and for commenting.
Thanks for sharing! I learned something! &quot;Dir ein besinnliches Fest,&quot;Sunshiine
Thank you for your comment and for looking at this Instructable. German uses one form of pronouns for people with whom you are well acquainted. These are the 'Du' forms, or which 'Dir' is the dative singular (to you). Dative plural would be 'Euch.' If you do not yet know the person very well, the form would be the more polite 'Sie' forms, in this case &quot;Ihnen&quot; for both singular and plural. <br><br>While &quot;Dir ein besinnliches Fest&quot; often appears on Christmas cards, the more usual equivalent for Merry Christmas is &quot;Frohe Weinachten&quot; or &quot;Fr&ouml;hliche Weihnachten.&quot; Google both simultaneously for a puzzle of opinions on which is used in what circumstances. (You probably already knew all of this.)
Thanks for sharing! Your post is very interesting. I learn so much here! I will take a look thanks. Sunshiine
While this Instructable understandably is more likely to appeal to feminine interests than to masculine, most of my Instructables are very much oriented to guys in blue jeans who like to get dirty huddled over a workbench. Yet, it has long puzzled me that even those Instructables often draw more than the expected number of female readers.
I read things that my husband, son, daughter,and friends might find interesting. I share links from Instructables to those that might find it valuable. Instructables is the best place on the net to do this. My husband had a problem figuring out something on his pickup one day. It baffled him. He was very frustrated. I had him explain his problem to me and went on the internet and found a diagram that solved his problem. It saved him a lot of frustration and time! I love the internet! It has so much to offer. Instructables is just another wonder of the internet! Rimar2000 has a lot of interesting post that I have shared as well. Sunshiine
Rimar2000 is Osvaldo. He and I have become Internet friends. We are both interested in some of the same things. We also both grew up with more time than money. <br><br>At times I have gone looking on the Internet for a solution to a problem and found I was the one who had to develop the solution so I could post it on Instructables for others.
I hear you. Your post and Osvaldo's will continue to help people. From the way things look financially (everywhere) Instructables started at a good time. Post like these are saving people money and it is Interesting to see the ideas people come up with by using stuff we usually throw away. It is good to see young people concerned and acting on it. Keep up the good work! Sunshiine
Thank you.
Great Job Phil B! - Not only beautiful, but educational.
Thank you. I am looking forward to your contribution to this series, as well as Jessey's. (I neglected to mention that in my response to her.)
Very nice! Thanks for adding the history and links - I'm sure lots of people will enjoy that. :D
Thank you. There is even more information on the Internet about Advent and Advent wreaths, but I did not want this Instructable to become a small book, either.
I particularly enjoy the wood and wire one! Beautiful!
Thank you. It was fun to recreate something I did almost 50 years ago. The wires would be especially helpful with mounting pieces of live greenery.
Wow, I would've just gone and bought a wreath, so Kudos to you Phil for a fantastic reengineering!
Thank you.
Great addition!
Thank you. I will be waiting to see your Instructable for this series.

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