Step 5: Cut Out Cards

Cut out the cards following the thin guide.

Note:  A paper cutter may not be adequate, and you may have to use scissors.
Did you send one project to each person or six cards per envelope?<br /> <br />
Shhh!&nbsp; I'm actually still working on it, but it's going to be 6 &quot;projects&quot; per person.&nbsp; In reality, it's going to be 6 things that we did put into how-to format.&nbsp; For instance, gardening has been a big thing for me this year, and this was the first time I've entered into a plant show.&nbsp; The rest of the how-to's will probably be a little more humorous such as &quot;How to Write Wedding Vows in 48 Hours&quot; and stuff that generally hits a memorable moment/theme in our lives. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Nice! You've had the seasonal correspondence telling you how super someone's kids have been doing, what a top-holiday they had and how sad they were when the pet got put-down I guess?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Ha!&nbsp; Not yet, so this is a preemptive strike in the hopes that people will return the favor next year, if not this. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I have had them, you hear nothing for 12 months less 1 day, then a whole year of &quot;we-are-super&quot; on one page....<br /> <br /> L<br />
Hmmm, that's not my bag.&nbsp; The people I&nbsp;know who send out newsletters are my sister.&nbsp; Yep.&nbsp; And then there's me and my SO.&nbsp; A snippet from last year's newletter from which you can imagine the rest:<br /> <br /> <style type="text/css"><![CDATA[p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0in; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } ]]></style><b style=""><span style="font-size: 14.0pt;font-family: Harrington;">The household population is holding steady at one human, two dogs, three cats, and one Adam.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>This discounts the feral cat population that lords around outside.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>We started a vegetable garden, and then a vegetable garden to replace it.<span style="">&nbsp; </span>So we have a compost pile now too which is doing very, very well and is doing Adam and Hanna proud. </span></b><br /> <br /> I actually went through and toned down the sarcasm A&nbsp;LOT between draft 1 and draft 2.&nbsp; It was originally sarcastic to the point of being bitter - we were drunk during the first draft which I&nbsp;wouldn't recommend. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
It sounds good. I might be spared this year...<br /> <br /> L<br />

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