Picture of Make an Ancient-Looking Map of Neverland
Pirate Parties are fun, there's no doubt about it. But if you want to shake things up a little and make your party girl-friendly too, a Peter Pan Party keeps everybody happy. Here's how to make a simple-but-effective Old Map of Neverland... it costs next-to-nothing and looks effective as part of the party Decor...
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Step 1: Sketch the Map

Picture of Sketch the Map
Using a pencil, sketch a rough outline of the map onto brown craft paper; then go over more carefully with a fine black marker.
I used twist-up crayons to add some soft colour and then carefully tore around the edges of the paper.

Step 2: Original Map...

Picture of Original Map...
I sketched my map from this version found on Pinterest.
You can see that my version is a lot more basic!

Step 3: To get the aged look...

Picture of To get the aged look...
To get the "aged" look, I used old teabags, squeezing the tea onto the paper and smearing it around "artistically".
Build up layers for a really ancient-looking map.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Picture of Finishing Touch
For the finishing touch, burn the torn edges.

*Safety Tip: if you do it while the paper is still damp from the teabags, it will help make sure the whole thing doesn't catch on fire!*

Step 5: That's It!

Picture of That's It!
Then step back and admire your ancient map of Neverland...