Picture of Make an Angry Birds Hoodie
Make this fiercely adorable Angry Birds hoodie in no time. Whether you wear it for a costume or just for comfort is up to you! Represent any of your favorite Angry Birds with this easy tutorial in just 20 minutes. Gather up a cozy hoodie in the color of your favorite bird, a hot glue gun, and let's get ready to launch!
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Step 1: The Eyes

Picture of The Eyes
I used ping pong balls and electrical tape to make the eyes. The great part about this is that you can move the tape as often as you want on the "eyeball" to change its expression!

A penny works as the perfect template for the pupil. As you can see, I stuck a penny to the tape, cut out around it, and then stuck it to the ping pong ball. Twice.

Of course, you could use styrofoam balls and paint too!

Step 2: The Eyebrows

Picture of The Eyebrows
I wanted to use something stiff that would stand out from the eyes to make the brows. Felt wasn't sturdy enough, so I used a piece of velcro!

From the hook side of the velcro (the firmer of the two sides), I cut a piece in the shape you see. Then I pinched together the middle to make them stand up and out at an angle, and used hot glue to stick it in place.

Step 3: The Beak

Picture of The Beak
I cut a half circle from some yellow felt (you could also use fleece), rolled it into a cone, and secured it together with hot glue.
jcs1994j2 years ago
Here we are at my school's contest for "Best Group Costume". Sadly, we didn't win. A small detail that I love is that we made three mini blue bird for the blue bird to "split" into :D.
scoochmaroo (author)  jcs1994j2 years ago
Really, really fantastic. I'm so impressed!
I think that deserves a one YEAR PRO Membership for awesomeness, mini blue bird, being a group project, and as a consolation prize for not winning!
dalovedr2 years ago
Here are my Pics! Thanks Again!
Angry Birds Halloween Costume.jpg
scoochmaroo (author)  dalovedr2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! 3-mo Pro coming your way!
jcs1994j2 years ago
My costume that I wore today. My mom and I painstakingly slaved away for weeks, and ended up with a hoodie for every bird, as well as a pig (complete with a crown.) Best Halloween ever!
Photo on 10-2-11 at 9.41 PM #2.jpg
scoochmaroo (author)  jcs1994j2 years ago
Awesome! Three month PRO membership for you! (can't wait to see pictures of the rest)
touchthepsi2 years ago
Needed a quick costume idea that wouldn't totally distract from work duties tomorrow and this is PERFECT. Ran to Wal-Mart, got the materials, and finished it in less than an hour. Great instructable - thank you!
scoochmaroo (author)  touchthepsi2 years ago
Can't wait to see pictures!
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scoochmaroo (author)  touchthepsi2 years ago
Awesome - it looks fantastic! I'm adding a 3-mo PRO membership to your account!
Rimwulf1 year ago
in step 4 it looks more like an Elmo.
Any advice on making the other birds as well? I think our Family is going to do this for halloween this year. plus, my 3 and 1.5 year olds Love the Birds and would wear them all this winter.
scoochmaroo (author)  kbutterfield2 years ago
check out the picture from jcs1994j !
mathiemom2 years ago
Bird, Bird, Bird is the word! My sons will love this!
Moofish2 years ago
Wow! This is an inspirational instructable! You have used so much creativity in this instructable and you've done it all on the 'CHEAP'! Well done!
HMice2 years ago

(will send pics)

PS. Do you think this could be adapted to make a dragon?
bmelton12 years ago
2 things, One, I love Angry Birds.
Two. This is your comment number 3000!
arpoky2 years ago
So how well will the hot glue stand when being put through a washer and dryer? I am planning on making one of these for my brother, but I am not sure what todo when it comes to washing it.
angelabchua2 years ago
so awesome! Maybe i will make a green pig hoodie
scoochmaroo (author)  angelabchua2 years ago
You just want me to throw myself at you.
I want you to throw yourself at Angie too. On video! (you make the best ideas)
scoochmaroo (author)  Madrigorne2 years ago
That would make a pretty good video. I think we're going to need a very large slingshot. . .
dalovedr2 years ago
Thanks for the Awesome Idea and inspiration! for $30 had two made in 1.5 hours.
overblast2 years ago
You could actually have "Angry Bird" conventions in your cities if enough people did this.

Then you could make an urban film, "Birdz in the Hoodies".
This is totally awesome!
16zzundel52 years ago
That's awesome! I'd make it, but I already have too many projects going as it is, and I also already have an awesome Doctor Who costume for Halloween! I may make it for my friend's birthday, however. I got her an Angry Bird stuffed animal last year, and she wanted a big one this year - this would be bigger than she expected!
touchthepsi2 years ago
Turned out really well and, as I work at a university, it got some fantastic reactions today! Some people actually thought it was store-bought instead of home-made!

(Sorry, noticed some typos - wanted to fix them!)
Photo on 2011-10-31 at 12.32.jpgPhoto on 2011-10-31 at 16.26 #2.jpg
gdhenson2 years ago
Grissini2 years ago
Killer! This is awesome.
frenzy2 years ago