Make an Angry Birds Hoodie





Introduction: Make an Angry Birds Hoodie

Make this fiercely adorable Angry Birds hoodie in no time. Whether you wear it for a costume or just for comfort is up to you! Represent any of your favorite Angry Birds with this easy tutorial in just 20 minutes. Gather up a cozy hoodie in the color of your favorite bird, a hot glue gun, and let's get ready to launch!

Step 1: The Eyes

I used ping pong balls and electrical tape to make the eyes. The great part about this is that you can move the tape as often as you want on the "eyeball" to change its expression!

A penny works as the perfect template for the pupil. As you can see, I stuck a penny to the tape, cut out around it, and then stuck it to the ping pong ball. Twice.

Of course, you could use styrofoam balls and paint too!

Step 2: The Eyebrows

I wanted to use something stiff that would stand out from the eyes to make the brows. Felt wasn't sturdy enough, so I used a piece of velcro!

From the hook side of the velcro (the firmer of the two sides), I cut a piece in the shape you see. Then I pinched together the middle to make them stand up and out at an angle, and used hot glue to stick it in place.

Step 3: The Beak

I cut a half circle from some yellow felt (you could also use fleece), rolled it into a cone, and secured it together with hot glue.

Step 4: Making Faces

I used a mirror to determine where to place each of the facial elements and taped or pinned them in place.

I taped the two ping pong balls together to hold them in place while using a curved needle to sew them to the hood. You could probably use hot glue for this, but I was worried about them popping off. You could also use zip ties or anything else to secure them to the hoodie!

Next I pinned the beak in place and hot glued it to the hood. I tried sewing it, but it made the edges look funny, and hot glue gave me a better finish.

Finally, I used a big glob of hot glue to secure the eyebrows in place. Without the eyebrows, it's just a surprised bird!

Step 5: The Belly

I decided that the face wasn't enough to really sell this angry bird. So I made a belly!

I traced a shape onto the front of the hoodie from the top of the zipper to the top of the pockets.

Then I cut two shapes out of fleece, overlapped them at the zipper slightly, and hot glued them in place. I'd forgotten how awesome hot glue can be (please don't tell my old professor I said that. . .). Make sure to hot glue the pieces on the fabric sides next to the zipper so you don't glue the whole thing closed!

Step 6: The Tail

I cut two pieces of black felt in the shape of a tail. Then I cut another loop of felt and glued it in between the two layers of felt tail "feathers." I flattened the loop I had made and glued that to the back of the hoodie. I know the pictures are a bit strange, so I hope that makes sense. I think you can probably come up with a great way to make a tail all on your own!

The only other thing I would add to the finished piece is the head feather. I didn't think it needed it at first, and I was so excited to finish it, that I decided to skip it. But looking at the pictures, I can imagine how much better it would be!

I hope this is enough instruction to help you make your own angry bird hoodie in whatever color you like. Post pictures of hoodies you make in the comments below, and I'll gift you with a 3-mo PRO membership!



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    Here we are at my school's contest for "Best Group Costume". Sadly, we didn't win. A small detail that I love is that we made three mini blue bird for the blue bird to "split" into :D.


    Really, really fantastic. I'm so impressed!

    I think that deserves a one YEAR PRO Membership for awesomeness, mini blue bird, being a group project, and as a consolation prize for not winning!

    Here are my Pics! Thanks Again!

    Angry Birds Halloween Costume.jpg

    Thanks for sharing! 3-mo Pro coming your way!

    My costume that I wore today. My mom and I painstakingly slaved away for weeks, and ended up with a hoodie for every bird, as well as a pig (complete with a crown.) Best Halloween ever!

    Photo on 10-2-11 at 9.41 PM #2.jpg

    Awesome! Three month PRO membership for you! (can't wait to see pictures of the rest)

    Needed a quick costume idea that wouldn't totally distract from work duties tomorrow and this is PERFECT. Ran to Wal-Mart, got the materials, and finished it in less than an hour. Great instructable - thank you!

    Can't wait to see pictures!

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