Step 9: Extra Wood Pieces

The last pieces of wood that you need for your chair are strips as long as the sides of the table and about 2cm (2.78 inches) wide. You will need these to keep the back and arm pieces fixed to the seat. Cut the edges as a half triangle so that they can easily face each other (see pictures).
You'll need 5 of these.

Now make 3 holes through them and attach them to the back pieces and arm pieces using screws, right at their bottom, on the same side where the foam is.
And for the longer back piece, you need to place it near the other 2 pieces to know exactly where you have to attach the wood strip.
<p>I never would have thought of turning a table into a chair. Wow!</p>
<p>Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! :)</p>
Loved it <br/>So creative
Thank you so much! :)
Beautiful finished result. I am wondering if the back of it will withstand being leaned on though.
Thank you! The back doesn't move even if you try to force it, after I added the iron bars in the back the whole thing became even firmer :)
oh okay, somehow I missed that part. looks beautiful!
An electric meat carver works well. You may need a hand but definitely better than a knife or scissors.
Thanks! I am glad I am finding so many new ways of cutting foam :)
Glad you like it! :)
Two thumbs up!!!
Thank you!! :)
Awesome chair! and for those that don't have foam cutter, as strange as it may sound, an electric bread knife works great for cutting foam.
Thank you! If it wasn't for this I would have never found out that electric bread knives existed :D I must get one!!
Yea, there nice to have, pretty good for cutting bread too.
You should make an octagonal coffee table to match the chair! :)<br>Superb job. There's a shop here where you could sell this chair for a weeks wages. Beautiful work! Expert documentation! Easy writing style! You are the most marketable maker on here. And all done so very dirt cheap. *panting*
Really?? :D Thank you DDC! I wish there was a shop like that here... <br>You gave me an idea!! Next project: &quot;make a coffee table out of a chair&quot;!
Believe it or not, the moment I saw the main picture I knew it was your ible! excellent work Linda, as always :)
That's exactly what happens when I see your projects, seriously! Thank you so much!! :)
This is what happens when a creative brain hibernates for a while and comes back with mind-blowing surprises :). Linda... the transformation is super amazing and you are super awesome. Very professional indeed :) <br>Thank you so much for sharing. <br>
Aw thank you so much Tarun! I can't tell you enough how much this means to me, I am honored! :)
Wow Linda - your brain works in amazing ways!!! You are so creative - what an amazing transformation!!! :)
Thank you so much Holly! I had a lot of fun doing it...I wish I could do things like this more often :D
very well done , you would not even know that use to be a table , <br>you've got a real talent , keep up the great work
Wow, thank you so much!! :)
I like it, its very creative to do this with a tabe. I actually do upholstry myself so this instructable was cool to see.
Great! I am sure you can do something beautiful! :)
Thats hillarious, we have a backup turky carver in the shop :D
what a modern design, very good!
Thank you Andrea!
That is really clever! I wish I had your talents! Everything you do is so professional :D
Wow, I had no idea about it! This means so much to me, thank you Nicole! Believe me, you have a huge talent too, I love what you do! :)
That's a really cool idea!
Thank you Emily! I am so glad you like it :)
You're welcome!
This is awesome!!! Great job, Linda!
Thank you so much Mario!!! :)
You're welcome, Linda!
This is awesome!!! Great job, Linda!

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