Here's a pretty simple way to produce a good quality arrowhead, fairly quickly and without too much difficulty. This is everything I used to make mine: A shell casing (Note: It needs to be of fair size. I started out with a .22 and it proved to be too small. I ended up using a .223/5.56 casing, 30/06, .308 should work just as well.), Wire cutters, A File, Patience,Wooden Arrow (I used a practice arrow), Pocket knife, Pliers, And some carpenters glue.

Step 1: Remove the Primer From the Shell

Its much easier said than done, but not at all a sisyphean task. Ok, this is where the file and patience come in. File About an 1/8in above the extractor groove. The brass isn't extremely hard and with perseverance and patience the primer will come right off.
<p>Wow, great idea. I will have to try it.</p>
Not a bad idea, though I would use spent brass in making more ammo or, if in a &quot;society breakdown&quot; scenario, improvised ammo. Granted if you are down to the point where you can't get the stuff to make improvised powder and primer as well as bolts/rebar for improvised bullets, this proves there is still a use for casings after all. Arrows are a lot easier to make then bullets after all.
&gt;&gt; shooting bolts and rebar through yoru gun would quickly reduce the barrel to rubish..... i'd be using copper pipe, wheel weights from cars, fishing lures, heck, even aluminum, before i used steel. it's not good for barrels.
Well I was basing my knowledge from a military book that detailed that way to make improvised ammo. I didn't know about using those items.
Very well done Instructable, I've thought of doing this before, I just never have any shells because I never go shooting!
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