Picture of Make an Avatar
Avatars are very important to being identified on any social site, this instructable will show you how to choose and make an avatar that suits you.

(Skip to step 3 if you want to get straight to the making part)
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Step 1: Why is an Avatar important?

An avatar is the image that you place next to your name to accompany it in your postings. It is a very useful thing to have so people can recognize your posts at a glance because it is much bigger than your name and the mind does not have to go through the process of translating the letters to make sense of them and then tie them back to you. It also breaks through the sea of orange on instructables (the colors may differ on other sites) so people can see that you posted it at a glance. If you have the general pic of a person image or a commonly found picture on the web, do you think people will notice your posts as much.

An avatar after being used for a long time, becomes a surrogate face for you on the site it is used on.

winhoff4 years ago
CropJ4 years ago
My avatar karate chops you in the neck.
angelow5 years ago
Camisado5 years ago
My name got zinged! Thanks nate, wish I realize this sooner!
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n8man (author)  DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE15 years ago
You have to buy it, but it is expensive, even with discounts. And you know that you can reply to comments.
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n8man (author)  DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE15 years ago
Flash mainly, photoshop to touch it up.
Derin5 years ago
Posting to show off my Turkish Robot avatar.
Derin Derin5 years ago
Super good Instructable,as always.
Nice instructable, very well written! I wanted to vote for it, but it doesn't appear to be in the contest.
n8man (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll5 years ago
I know, I hope the voting is extended, I have PMed the admins on it.
The Jamalam5 years ago
Also, do you think you could check out my forum topic?
Here it is.
The Jamalam5 years ago
Great instructions. I suggest a different intro picture after what you were saying about being an instructable to remember, but I can't think what to. What the heck. Faved, Fived, 'scribed.
dombeef5 years ago