Introduction: Make an Awesome Army Jeep Out of a Little Tikes Pink Car

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I found a pink Little Tikes car at the park by the dumpsters and decided it could be upcycled into something cool for my one year old boy. The steps are pretty intuitive, but I have included a video for good measure. It shows the tear down of the car and the paints I used.


1. Find suitable toy car.

2. Take it entirely apart.

3. Scuff everything with sandpaper, 100-200 grit should do.

4. Prime if you want the paint to last longer. Not necessary though.

5. Paint each piece, one at a time.

6. Let dry until there is no paint smell. This could take a week. If you rush this part, and I know it is impossible to be patient, your paint will be soft and will start chipping off when the kids play with it and when you reassemble it.

7. Reassemble.

8. Congratulations you are done.

9. Enjoy life.


BMXsquad88 (author)2015-05-20

What number tan paint is that? I've been looking for that color for a go kart forever!!

Jedi_zombie85 (author)2016-04-20

Very cool idea, how much paint was required out of curiosity?

hamedshh (author)2015-05-20


he he he

how you mount your child to that

in front in behind or from the roof

i am exploded for it show

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