Picture of Make an Awesome Zombie Movie
This instructable is all about creating your own awesome zombie movie, including planning, creating zombie special effects, and filming. Have fun making a great zombie movie!
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Step 1: Part 1 - Planning Your Movie: What Type

Picture of Part 1 - Planning Your Movie: What Type
This is a very important step. You have to decide what kind of movie you are making, a comedy, or action and adventure. The easier of these is probably comedy, because you might not need as many special effects (SFX).

Action might make a better zombie movie, but could take much more time, props, and planning.
I liked the idea of making a comedy for my first zombie movie.

Step 2: Part 1 - Planning Your Movie: Basic Idea

Picture of Part 1 - Planning Your Movie: Basic Idea
Now comes the time when you go into a little detail to tell your story.
Use a storyboard template to sketch out your ideas in the sequence you will tell your story.
Remember to draw the shots with varied angles, zoom level, and point of view.

Since I chose to make a comedy, my basic idea was that there is a family who invites the zombie over for dinner.
The host invited him to try and make him seem a little more human-like.
The zombie is trying to be all normal and eat like a regular person, but he keeps smelling the people and suddenly he takes a bite out of somebody at the dinner table
Then he bites another person, and in the end he goes crazy.

For more of an action and adventure or horror movie, I recommend a basic idea something more like this:

There is some kind of radioactive source that zombifies people.
Then there is a leak and a bunch of people get zombified .
Then all of the local humans have to kill them.
But the only way to kill them is to fix the leak and then destroy their brain.
Remember to be creative with your story.

Quality instruct able cheers mate!

Hey do you think you could put a link to the final product
I want to see the finished movie!