Oops! I forgot to mention that this 'ible is dedicated to my friend - it was his idea to make this 'ible I just photographed it, chose the contents and wrote the instructions. I do carry some of the components, just not all of them.
Happy now?

"What's an 'EDC'?" you may ask.
EDC stands for E very D ay C arry, and hence the name, it's the stuff that you carry every day to be prepared for what life throws at you.

"But why do I need an EDC?
An EDC kit just makes life easier, whether it's day to day chores or having to sleep rough in a field, EDC makes it possible, or atleast a whole lot easyer.

Now come on! This EDC isn't going to make itself...

Step 1: The parts...

The things you'll need to make your EDC are very flexible...Experiment!!
But I recommend starting out with these things then expanding from here to suit your needs/pocket size.
(* denotes optional but recomended)

Option #1, (based around Doug Ritter's Pocket Survival Pack.)
  • 1x Pocket Survival Pack,
  • 1x box of Swan Vesta matches (or equivilent strike anywhere),
  • 1x small AAA torch (flashlight to all you people in america) or small keychain light,
  • 1x small ziploc bag like these, link ,
  • 1x roll of zinc oxide tape to wrap around a toothpick,
  • some medium sized safety pins,
  • rubber bands,
  • Nurofen (ibuprofen), remember to cut it down (see image above),*
  • Micropur water purification tablets (or equivilent), you only need two*
  • a good quality knife, I like spyderco but any brand will do.
  • some good thing nylon cord (but 550 paracord will work)*

Option #2, (not based around Doug Ritter's Pocket Survival Pack.)
Same as above but include:
  • 1x small roll of Duck duct tape (wrap it round a cut down bic pen),
  • 1x small roll of string,
  • 1x Tinder Quick and Strike-lite kit from here ,
  • 2x large safety pins,
  • 1x loud whistle, preferably a Fox 40 Micro or a ACR Res-q.

Note: this is just a guideline kitlist, you can add more if you want, but remember this is to carry everyday so don't put too much in!
I would just like to say, thank you all for giving my instructable over 14,000 views and rating it highly. Thanks for the great feedback everyone.
<p>@Katie5757 - as Dave.D.Messermacher said, this knife is not a spring assist or automatic, it is merely a lockback. Why do you think that it is 'unwise at his age' to carry a knife? I have been brought up with knives my whole life, I know how to treat them with respect. It is very unlikely that a knife of this size could be construed as a conceivably efficient weapon, if I was going to murder someone I certainly would NOT use a knife like this, or a knife at all. Thank you BlackSheep1 your comment is very applicable. Thanks camogreen: &quot;Let's face it if a kid wants to hurt someone with a knife there is usually a varied collection in the kitchen drawer&quot;. So true. Kids carrying knives illegal? I don't know where you live, but here it is not illegal for a minor to carry and use a knife, only to purchase one. I am not sure of wakojako's standing on this matter and his specific area laws, but obviously he is more competent than you with owning and using a great tool like this. Please do not force feed the wonderful Instructables community your views, people can decide for themselves.</p>
@Katie5757- your concern is well placed. But, the knife is NOT spring loaded it is, however, locking. If you guys over there in England did not have such backward idiotic laws then I would not agree with you at all, but lockblades are illegal in England. Also, knives make very inefficient weapons, most people who carry knives carry them because they are extremely useful <em>tools.</em>
Your right on the money there. I could kill someone with a knitting needle, a spatula, a fork, a large spanner, a screwdriver or any other tool as easily as I could kill someone with a knife this size.
This is where life/parents/laws have gone awry most everywhere. Politicians have everyone afraid of their shadow. When I was 12 my parents bought me a Boy Scout Knife. I would use it for whittling, cutting kite string...whatever came up. I will admit to cutting my finger once because it didn't have a locking blade and it folded unexpectedly. Locking blades are safe. To this day I have a small collection of knives. I find as I age and as consumer packaging gets more difficult to open I still need a knife. Let's face it if a kid wants to hurt someone with a knife there is usually a varied collection in the kitchen drawer.
Exactly! If someone wants to kill somebody they are most likely going to grab a large rock or a kitchen knife during a fight that pull out a tiny lock knife. I rarely go into town so any confrontations I get into are either/will either be on the internet, with my friends (who I would never, ever hurt) or in (heaven forbid) a burglary where I won't care whether I kill someone or not.
I am interested in wakojako's parents knowing he carries a knife... and seeningly a spring loaded knife.. <br>At your age, I think this is very unwise. .. and do you take it to school with you? <br>I would be very uncomfortable socialising, or being in the vicinity of a 14 year old male carrying such an item/weapon. <br>I think the admins on Instructables might need to consider the advisability of publishing.
Listen,i'm twelve and I swear as God as witness I'm sure he has gotten pro-mission from his parents,showed that he can be responsible and will only use it for good,kids have changed madam,us KIDS can do more,we won't be your baby's forever,I might not know you at all but I DO know that you,the parents <br>worry,but can you worry forever?If he loves Survival,let him learn,if his parents <br>die,let him grow stronger,we adapt every way we can to become better,But why can't kids?His passion is more important than his safety,if he makes a mistake, <br>LET HIM LEARN.. <br>We learn from our mistakes..
They're fine with it. It's only illegal due to it being locking and due to my age so to avoid being arrested I usually only take it out when accompanied by an adult or when hiking.
Then I re-make my point. <br>Kids carrying knives is illegal.. I wonder how they will feel when you are arrested. <br>It is obvious that you dont have the maturity to carry such an item, let alone make a decision when to use it. <br>Think about it.. grab hold of commonsense. Mention my comments to your folks.. the silly thing is someone else could use your weapon against you.. you are a kid. <br>
Katie5757: fear is the mind-killer, and you are trying to make wakojako afraid of an everyday tool. Shame on you.
I appreciate your views and concerns, but there is a point where your opinions turn to the incessant ramblings of a hoplophobe. You aren't going to persuade me to change as I like to live my own life and not the life of others. I will, however, take your bit of advice about my 'weapon' being use against me. Next time I'm long distance hiking or fishing (or any othe outdoor activity where I would carry a knife) and I see a rough bunch of sheep or some nasty looking cows, I'll stay well away - I don't want to involved in gang culture.
So it isnt an EDC kit.. you dont &quot;carry&quot; EVERY DAY!! Nuff said. <br>Dont be involved in illegal activity. You will grow, and reap the benefits.
This is a good EveryDayCarry but have you lokked at Doug Ritter's new <br>SRKT mark5 knife?It's a fixed blade and comes with a ti,so you will have more space and for a ziplock bag if you choose to have more water.
The ladybug is a great edc knife, I carry one everyday. Unfortunately I have the purple version due to it being 10 bucks cheaper, so my friends are always making fun of me for carrying it, lol.
very nice kit manmaby a better baggie or a cloth baggy around the plasic so it dosent break
cool kit i would add a bigger knife <br>
Not necessarily,as long as you can cut something it's better then having a sharp stone
Why?<br>Looks can be deceptive.
I have a Spyderco Delica 4 now. :)
And a RAT Cutlery Izula.
I would add a compact 9mm to your pack
9mm what?<br>Gun?<br>Bolt?<br>Screwdriver?
Gun: hunting/protection
I can't carry a gun in the UK.
It is also illegal to carry locking knifes, such as you have in this instructable, even if the blade is less than 3 inches.
Erm.... Yeah, but the cool/utility factor way overshadows it's illegality.
you can if its concealed ;)
Second amendment ;-)
The Second Amendment to the <strong>Constitution of the United States of America </strong>does not apply to residents of the <strong>United Kingdom </strong>(UK).<br> <br> That's one benefit from when we revolted back in 1775.<br> <br> Hopefully it will remain in effect in the future!
I know thats why there was a winky face. Because it subcks for him
It's good that we can't carry firearms. Some parts of England make me cringe
lol, the concealed carry debate still rages this side of the pond... personally, i belive gun control harms those who follow the laws. if i knew anyone could be carrying a weapon, i would think twice before commiting some kind of crime... i would feel sooo much safer carrying a weapon into those parts of england (or anywere!).
No I mean for the people who live in those areas.
well if youre a law abiding citizen...
This law abiding citizen was locked in the convicted felons cellblock for mentioning the US Constitution.<br>There were 30 street gang bangers already convicted of beating some guy to death because they 'din like him'.<br>Din like me either.<br>Eight days in emergency surgery, released from hospital (I was in for a traffic ticket that was paid 3 years prior@) and given a bus ticket to another town and quote &quot;Just don't die here, It wouldn't look good.&quot;<br>Swear to truth or drop dead right now!<br>Abiding by laws that the law enforcement is privileged to violate with immunity and impunity is no guarantee of your safety.<br>that is mostly why I live far out in the desert and learn all I can about how to take care of myself. <br>I figure if there is a collapse, the cops will be the most dangerous, i.e. heavily armed,. street gang there is.
I cry to think that not one person was carrying when the slaughter happened at the San Ysidro Massacre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Ysidro_McDonald%27s_massacre) - just ONE could have saved the lives of so many innocent victims.<br>Then again I look around at road rage, 'anger management problems', all kinds of domestic violence - and I cringe to think of the 'average' public armed with instantly lethal weapons at all times.<br>Hell, even our cops commit murder now, attempted murder - but then they have a license when they get a badge.<br>I don't mean to attack the good cops, the lifeguards of we the people - its the high school bullies that see police career as a way to continue felonious behaviors with 'protection'. Oh well, mene mene tekel upharsin. MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and brought it to an end; <br>27 TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. <br>28 PERES; thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. <br>Rodney King : Can't we all just get along?<br>Cop swinging club : Apparently not...
As I said above it's 6 and two 3's.
I know it may sound silly but I have a paintball gun - I am an old man and I live far far out of town - if I called 911 I may as well email the coroner - I keep the paintball gun loaded with marbles.<br>That may seem silly, but in a moment of true need I would fire at the face - I don't like to be mean but I am too old to enjoy anyone being mean to me, in any physical sense. I also have a 150 pound CROSS COMPOUND CROSSBOW.<br>Look at a compound bow sometimes and then think crossbow... big ouch, and then the guy behind him... and behind him...<br>I have a small doorway...
Ooooh! this'll help me with my new &quot;adventure kit&quot; for woods expeditions. good 'ible, 4.5 stars!
Glad to help. (Why not 5*s?...Just kidding)
band-aids? :p
What do you mean. Are you asking me if I have any?
this is a great instructable, but the lack of bandages stole that half star. first aid should never be neglected.
I do have zinc oxide tape but I see what you mean. A band<u>age</u> might be a bit too bulky, I do carry a hankercheif anyway.<br>
points observed! multi-purposing makes for great kits... but my addition to this one would be a few small, sterile adhesive bandages, and maby one or two of the bigger ones... like the 2x2 in. brown ones... or 5.1x5.1 cm to you! :p
Not in the uk you can't. It seems in (most of) America the laws etc are more leanient.
Ahem - NO SWISS ARMY KNIFE??? And for the UK, consider some of the new pcp 'large caliber' air pistols. Not as deadly as a firearm, but they clock in between instantly lethal and a hefty deterrent...<br>check out the Korean line of air guns - Korea also does not permit citizens to own firearms (generally) and they are quite good with airguns now!<br>And besides defense, well a fellas gotta eat, right? And I am to impatient for fishing unless it is with explosives or electricity...<br>Also I really like the windup flashlights (led) and can't wait for the penlight version... batteries always go dead and usually at the worst possible time (subjective perhaps).<br>I love the magnesium scraper fire starters - a nice little pile of magnesium will burn the water off even moist or slightly wet tender and get a fire going!<br>Of course my personal daily carry pack is in my truck... so I keep adding to it.
Well I'll have to wait till I'm 18.