I created this candy cozy to pay tribbute to one of the most SUCCESSFUL FAILURES of ALL TIME! Anytime the initials E.T. appear millions of people everywhere picture this iconic friendly alien, due to the huge SUCCESS of the 1982 Steven Spielberg movie. How could they go wrong with this quirky little fellow with a passion for plants, and a craving for peanut butter? Well, I'll tell you how... with the E.T. ATARI 2600 game in 1982. Never heard of it you say, well probably because it was a massive FAILURE so massive in fact that they buried millions of copies in New Mexico due to over production of the ridiculously borring video game!

Step 1: Candy Container

For this project I used an empty glass bottle (green).
I cleaned it & removed the label by scrubbing it under warm soapy water.
Once it was dry, I hand painted on the ATARI  character.
Once my paint was dry I sprayed it with a clear coat.
I then filled it with E.T.'s favorite treat. (Reeses Pieces)

Now you need to crochet an E.T. cozy to hide your delicious snack!
No........ It can't be! I thought all the et cartridges were destroyed. XD <br> <br> <br> <br>Triforce
Thanks guys! It's a great way for me to use some of my bottles &amp; yarn , since I have a lot of both!
That is so cute!
That is such a good idea. He's adorable! I could see this being done with lots of other characters too. :)
Supercool idea!<br>

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