Easter has the best candy. And what better excuse to buy some for yourself, than to be already buying some to put in baskets for your friends?

The materials are free and environmentally friendly! You can put them back in the recycle bin when the candy is all gone, or compost them and feed your garden.

You will need:

- scissors
- empty tissue box
- newspaper (I prefer the brightly colored advertisements)
- candy (tragically, this is usually not freely available from the recycle bin)

If you have a choice, pick a box with an interesting pattern, or Easter-appropriate colors, on it.

(I did not originally intend to write this up as an Instructable, so it is going up in an untimely, post-Easter manner, but one of the recipients of the baskets encouraged me. You could even say he egged me on.)

Step 1: Prepare Box for Cutting

Remove the plastic film from the top and cut or tear open the top so you can easily cut into the sides.

You may find it easier to cut through both the cardboard and plastic film, or to cut the cardboard and then pull the plastic off. I prefer the stupid, awkward, and painful method of reaching through the plastic film, into the inside of the box, to pull the plastic off BEFORE I start cutting the box, because this way I get the satisfaction of pulling it off in one piece.

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