Introduction: Make an Easy Kite

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Make a beautiful kite

Step 1: Supplies

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all you need is
card papers
anti cutter
boom stick

Step 2: Cutting

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Cut a scuare shape

Step 3: Preparing Middle Part

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Take a boomstick and cut it as the size of the scuare shape paper
Then attach it with a white paper using glue

Step 4: Preparing Kite

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Then draw a line on the middle of the scuare shape paper

Then attach the boomstick with it

Step 5: Paper Peaces

Picture of Paper Peaces

Cut some small white paper peaces

Step 6: Making Kite

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Take another thin boomstick and attach it on the upper part of the kite. Put some glue on the little peaces of paper and attach them with the kite

Step 7: Lower Part of the Kite

Picture of Lower Part of the Kite

Take another long peace of card paper and fold it

Then cut it to make it thinner

Then open it

Then using glue attach it with the kite


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Bio: This is my starting not my end.I will go further.
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