Make an Eggshell Sculpture !

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Introduction: Make an Eggshell Sculpture !

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This instructable is inspired by the art sculpture "What came first?" made by Kyle Bean a British Artist .

This sculpture is made using a common item found in trash bins "the eggshells" . By recycling it we can create wonderful pieces of art .

Step 1: Gathering Ingredients

You will need:

  • Eggshells
  • Clay
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Some Imagination

Step 2: Cleaning the Eggshells

Although it is not necessary but I boiled the eggshells first then washed them up with cold water and cleaned any residue on them . After cleaning the Eggshells spread them on a towel and let them dry.

Step 3: Making Base Sculpture

You directly glue the eggshells together but that is very difficult so i first made a base sculpture using clay.

Note : Cover up the working surface with clingfilm to make cleaning easier.

Step 4: Drying Up the Base Sculpture

Put the base sculpure on a piece of aluminium foil and bake in oven for 2-5 minutes at 160 C. The goal is not to fully cure the clay just make it dry enough for easy handling.

Step 5: Covering Up With Eggshells

Now let us give our chickens its calcium feather ! using hot glue stick pieces of eggshells on the sculptures.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Note : Before covering up with eggshells I inserted two toothpicks in the bottom of the chicken for its legs.

Step 6: Fails

At first instead of making base models out of clay i used a crumbled up ball of paper but it was a fail as it didn't come out as expected .

P.S Don't forget to vote and share pictures of your own sculptures too.



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Awesome you are Genius


Thank you .... well it was inspired by a renowned artists creation .... link given in introduction

awesome work IBH! it's a very innovative idia! keep sharing your ideas! ????....Zabardast urdu kisi ko smag a gai gi ider? ?


Thanks :) ..... well i'll not call it innovative maybe crafty ;) .. ... ! Urdu try kar ke dekhna paray GA ! :P

So cool! I'm glad you are a winner of the egg contest :)


Thanks !

So cool! I'm glad you are a winner of the egg contest :)

So cool! I'm glad you are a winner of the egg contest :)