Introduction: Make an Elegant Wall Decorate

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C'mon make an easy and elegant wall decorate

Step 1:

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For this you need
news paper

Step 2:

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Cut the newspaper at a ractrangle shape and start folding it

Step 3:

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Noe open it

Attach it with the other side using glue

Step 4:

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Now cut another news paper on a ractrangle shape which must be on same shape like first one
And fold it like the previous one

Step 5:

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Now attach both of them

Step 6:

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Now make another folding paper like the first one
That one should be smaller than the first one

Step 7:

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Now cut a circle and using glue attach it on the middle of the folding paper

Step 8:

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Just like this make 3 different size of folding paper

Step 9:

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Now put some glue on the middle of the circles and attach 3 of them one by one

Step 10:

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There you go
Your wall decorate is ready


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Bio: This is my starting not my end.I will go further.
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