OK, so we got invited to a Hallowe'en party, one of those where people bring contributions to the buffet.

"Of course we'd like to come - what shall we bring?"

"Could you manage a Hallowe'en-themed piñata?"

Er, OK...

...and here we go.

(Oh, and the emergency? Version one, a papier mache construction failed. Four days of pasting and gluing, and it all went wrong. I didn't have four days left to make another that way.)

So, to the cardboard!

Step 1: The Template

I didn't have time to make another frame and cover it in a stiff shell, so I decided to go straight for a stiff shell.

I had some thick corrugated card*, too thick for smooth curves, so I decided to go geometric, and make a truncated cuboid - six octahedra, in the planes of the faces of a cube, with equilateral triangles filling in the corners.

I used the largest handy sheet of paper (a page of newsprint) to make a square.

Folding into four, then a triangle, and cutting off one point makes a nice octahedron when opened.

I cut two "proper" octahedrons out of the card, then folded the template across the middle to make it narrower - I wanted the piñata to be slightly flatter than a cube.

*Saved from the box that a garden bench came in - Kitewife got fed up with waiting for me to get round to making her one.

Interesting (co-incidence? ),&nbsp; in step #1, the first picture, you outlined a triangle containing the words:&nbsp;Pumpkin Prices Slashed!<br /> and then comment that this should be Cut Off !&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> <br /> ;-)&nbsp; <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I notice these weird things :-)
Also I like your smiley faces :?)
What about using a real pumpkin?
That's a great idea - I'll try and remember for next Hallowe'en...
&nbsp;i love you kiteman!!!<br /> youre paper outlines for catapults are great, and now you saved me<br /> tomorow i need a pinata for a school party<br /> THANK YOU
Haha, you're welcome.<br /> <br />
Voted!<br />
Awesome, thank you!<br />
awesome pi&ntilde;ata
Thank you.<br />
#2 son looks alot like the kids who live across the street............
Sorry, wrong continent.
Instructable number 99! This is really cool, and now I'm excited for #100.<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-20000-pints-of-beer/">Here it is!</a><br />
I've promised myself every Instructable Kiteman does, I&nbsp;have to make one. Looks like I'm staying up late tonight.<br />
You'll have trouble with the next one...<br />
Oh?<br /> <br /> Everything I seem to make seems to be inferior and I don't feel like posting because it feels stupid, even if I should.<br /> <br /> I built a &quot;candy bottle&quot; which is a shortened 2 L bottle for Smarties and stuff because my step brother has far too many loose lollies around the place.<br /> <br /> I did extremely simple sewing to make my backdrop for picture taking, but it sits well on a curtain rod.<br /> <br /> I did a 2 minute gutter cap for our hot house because the gutters had no ends and it just ran off, so I capped one side so we can get a tank and lead the water into it.<br /> <br /> I made a motivational background / desktop image, looks great, but I normally I have Instructables up so the motivational side of it gets lost in talking to every one on here.<br /> <br /> <br /> At least I'm still fairly young so I have a little while to build up to your standards.<br />
I don't think he's trying to insult you. I'm sure the project would be unusually difficult for anyone.<br />
I know he wasn't trying to make me feel bad, but thanks any way. He's showed me what he's working on and.... it's impressive.<br /> <br /> The rest of the comment is more of a rant.<br />
Yay for saving the day!<br /> You should have gone with the rhombicosidodecahedron.
Make it?&nbsp; I can't even <em>say</em> it!<br />
The <em>Mirror</em>?<br /> What did you / will you fill it with?<br /> <br /> L<br />
There's a free Lego model every day at the moment...<br />
Well, I did not know that. Is there anything worth reading in it?<br /> <br /> L<br />
I have no idea - the Lego went to the boys, the paper straight into the pile to make the failed version of the pi&ntilde;ata, and then into the recycling.<br />
Well remember that you've contributed to the official sales figures for that publication - they'll be glad of your support.<br /> <br /> L<br />
<em>Meh, </em>we got &pound;3 Lego models for 45p<br />
It's a boon!<br /> <br /> Mrs B, Essex<br />
LOL.&nbsp; I occasionally read the Daily Mail online (out of nostalgia for reading Fred Basset in my parents' copy), but otherwise I tend to avoid tabloids like <strike>pregnant Polish job-stealing Mafioso immigrants</strike> the plague.<br />
I never think of that publication without thinking of &quot;Daily Mail Island&quot; (esp with Fred Basset) - but I remember that you've seen that too.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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