Picture of Make an Enderman Plushie from Minecraft
Hello, in this Instructable I'm going to try to teach you how to create your very own Enderman plushie.

You will also be able to apply these same techniques to create other Minecraft creatures and quite possibly, unforgettable holiday moments.
Here is a list of the materials that I used. Surely you can substitute these for other brands, quantities, and types of materials.
***Unfortunately I discarded the receipt which had the item numbers for the Fuscia and Pink ribbons that I used. Also I already had light pink thread so you will have to match the ribbon colors and thread to the best of your abilities.***

Materials List (most of my items were purchased at Joann Fabrics which always have coupons which you can use to drastically bring down the prices of these items)

>1 Yard - Sew Classic Velour Black (or your choice of black color fabric)

>Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread - 250yds
  -1 Black (color #900)
  -1 Red Rose (color# 3040)
  -1 Light pink thread to match the pink ribbon color.

>1 Yard - Pink Ribbon 1 x 1/2" Width 

>1 Yard - Fusia Ribbon 1 x 1/2" Width
>Poly-fil Fiber 32 oz 

>Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Markers-Silver 2 pk

Basic Tools List
>Sewing needles
>Sewing pins
>Ruler / Straight Edge / Yardstick
>Masking tape
>Seam ripper

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claramecium1 month ago


twilightfox6 months ago

Hahaha i like:)

ustendorf made it!9 months ago

My favorite! <3
Even though the arms and legs on mine got a bit thick....

2014-06-02 08.22.18.jpg
frodo98791 year ago


boeman991 year ago
Super awsome!
cbrocious1 year ago

love this!!! but I thnk endermans eyes are purple going to make some!

jbbs1 year ago
Thank you for these great instructions. Very specific, which I appreciate! My 7-year-old son loves his new Enderman plushie!!!
JMRaphael1 year ago
This is so cool! I came here after looking at your wither plushie, praying you had an 'ible for the Enderman... and you did! Definitely making this for my girlfriend (a huge MC fan, just like me)!
Tex3531 year ago
Awesome! Thank you so much!
die potato1 year ago
Haha, I made one that looked just like that before I knew this instructable existed!!
photo-2013-07-02 2:34 PM.jpg
AHHHHHHHHHH! He's perfect. I am afraid to make eye contact. :D
MasamuneX (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words.
madmommy2 years ago
Would you allow me to make a how-to video on my YouTube channel? I have a series of videos called "Minecraft Craftiness", and I would love to feature this. Of course, all credit goes to you and will be posted, as well as a link to this -ible. If you would like to see my channel first, I am madmommy on YouTube. I still plan on making one of these for my son, a Minecraft addict at 7 yrs old :)
MasamuneX (author)  madmommy1 year ago
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I checked out your creeper shirt and perler creeper videos. You hardly seem like a "mad" mommy :D, actually quite the contrary. I recognize your mission statement with your Minecraftiness videos and I can appreciate the potential importance of a creation/step being more visibly understanding. So with that said, yes, please feel free to make your how to video.
ZariaXD2 years ago
Heres my Endermen! took me a long time cuz i had a problem with the measurements. When I doubled everything its seem to work until I got to the body and when i went to attach it to the head it was to big. So some slight modifications there but I feel pretty proud of myself :3
Thnx for the inscrutable!!!!!
MasamuneX (author)  ZariaXD1 year ago
LOL! Awesome! He looks proportional to me. I think you did a great job. Your welcome and oh by the way.. my Enderman is giving you the nod as well. :)