Make an Erupting Volcano - Safe





Introduction: Make an Erupting Volcano - Safe

This is a classic experiment and it is very easy to do at home. So after you watch it - TRY IT! All you need is some kind of volcano that you can make, and then a little vinegar and some baking soda from the supermarket. This demonstration shows an acid base reaction. In this kind of reaction, the acid (vinegar) chemically reacts with the base (the baking soda) and the two release carbon dioxide gas which bubbles out. The liquid soap helps to make foamy lava that flows.

Full step by step directions can be found at:



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ok that was very simple

Thx, Love the simpilicity of the experiment. Gonna use it as our science unit today since its the anniversary of the Mount Vesuvius eruption. I homeschool.

Interestingly, the 'scientist' says "So... this is about an ounce of water, and were gonna pour that in there". I thought it was supposed to be vinegar?

Good catch. I noticed that after shooting, and added to graphics saying "vinegar" to cover my verbal faux pas.

There's no graphic saying "vinegar" - sorry, hope I'm not becoming an annoying pedant! Anyhoo, great experiment and I'm going to do this with my inquisitive 4 year old daughter over the weekend. I knew about the vinegar and soda but I love the addition of food colour and wash-up liquid - that's sure to impress! cheers, Wittner