Picture of Make an Executive Desk-top Ladder Golf Set

Ordinary executives have ordinary desk-games to keep them from getting bored in between meetings and signing important pieces of paper.

Executive Makers need a Maker game to keep them from getting bored while they wait for soldering iron or glue-gun to warm up...

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

This is one of those projects where a lot of materials and methods can be substituted without harming the final product.

I'm going to show you two versions, one made of coffee stirrers, one made with popsicle sticks (these are sticks sold for craft, not food use) and bamboo skewers.

You will also need string, and something to act as weights, such as modelling clay, scrap wood, or maybe those funny Chinese coins with a hole in the middle...

You'll need glue, and tools to cut or drill the sticks and stirrers.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may also want paints to make the finished set match your favourite executive's desk.

Step 2: The Coffee-Stirrer Frame.

Picture of The Coffee-Stirrer Frame.

Take two coffee stirrers, and cut notches in both.  The notches need to go half-way across the stick, and be wide enough to slot another coffee stirrer into.

The exact position of the notches is not drastically important, as long as both sticks are identical.  I cut the notches a quarter of the way along from the end that will be top, and a third of the way along from the end that will be bottom. 

Take a second pair of coffee-stirrers, and make a single notch half-way along the stick.

The easiest way to make sure the cuts are in the same places on each stick is to cut both sticks together.

Take one two-notch stick sticks, one one-notch stick and a plain one, and lay them in a triangle.  Make sure the two notches are facing outwards, the one-notch stick is touching the bottom end of the two-notch stick, with the notch facing the inside of the triangle and glue the ends together.  Clamp (small bulldog clips are perfect), and leave to dry.  Make a second triangle with the other notched stirrer, and glue-and-clamp that one as well.

depotdevoid3 years ago
Awesome! Ladder golf has been my favorite yard game for the last couple of years, even supplanting croquet in my affections. With this, I could still play now that the nine months of rain have begun . . .

Have you considered putting some of that webby looking non-slip shelf liner stuff under the edges?  It might prevent slippage.
Kiteman (author)  depotdevoid3 years ago
Hmm... or maybe dots of hot-melt glue?