When the GoPro HERO2 was released, it included an external microphone jack built in.  It was a 3.5mm jack on the side to plug a small condenser mic into.  The HERO3 also includes an external mic jack, however it is in the form of a multi use USB port.  The user needs to supply a USB to 3.5mm converter cable to use an external microphone.  This cable makes it hard for mic users to aim directional or stereo mics effectively without the use of another hand.  The following Instructable teaches you how to build a simple rig which allows for the mounting of a microphone to the HERO3.

Step 1: Materials and Tools You'll Need:

The camera equipment I used in this project :
-GoPro HERO3
-GoPro "Skeleton Housing" for the HERO3 (To allow access to the USB ports on the camera)
-Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone
-GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for HERO cameras (The one I used is exactly 5-1/4-inches long.  If the length of yours differs, you may need to adjust the length of the CPVC cable-holding arm for your version of this project.)
-GoPro Tripod Mount

To Build the Mount:
-1/2" CPVC - For the frame. You wont need more than 15-inches in length. 
-1/2" CPVC Elbow Fitting
-Machine Screws (1) 1/4 x 20 - about 1-1/2 to 2 inches long, for the tripod screw.
-Tripod Head/Plate (1) - You can use your favorite tripod's head plate, for the purposes of this project I used a small GorillaPod from JOBY.
-Washers (2) - I used 5/8" external diameter x 3/8" internal diameter but anything that fits the machine screw should work.
-Foam - (memory foam, egg crate, packing foam), Just a small piece to keep the microphone from rubbing the plastic.
-Welder cement or PVC/CPVC Cement - Any good heavy duty stuff will keep it together.
-Spray Paint - I used black.  Camera equipment looks good in black!

-Dremel with a router bit, cutter bit and sander bit
-Drill with 1/4" bit
-Saw and miter
-Utility knife
Did you have to modify your GoPro Hero 3 case in any way? Mine is watertight and I didnt see anything in here upon first read that indicated how you addressed the access to the USB port with your cable. Awesome write up though! :D
<p>Alternatively you can cut a small hole in the standard waterproof case to access the USB jack. This will leave the rest of the camera well protected, just make sure that you never use it to go in the water again. You can use a small drill bit or a Dremel to make the hole and finish it with the Dremel or a small file/knife.</p>
Greetings Evan. GoPro makes what's called a &quot;skeleton housing&quot; ($30-amazon.com). You are correct in that I did not specify that in my list of what I used, and it is quite an important detail. The skeleton housing has cut-outs in just the right places so that one can access the USB panel for the purposes of using an external mic or taking a live feed from the camera to an external monitor (if you need an HD picture). It is also mostly open on the back to allow for better audio recording (with the camera's built in mic) in clean and dry environments. I have seen people &quot;dremel&quot; out their housings for access to these ports, but it would not be water-proof anymore. I will correct my Instructable immediately to include this! Thanx for reading!
GoPro also makes the <strong>FRAME</strong> housing which already has the opening.<br> <a href="http://gopro.com/camera-mounts/the-frame" rel="nofollow">CLICK HERE</a> for more details.<br> <br> Nice idea of moving the microphone higher up... great simple design too. I might suggest that you use a <a href="http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=mic+cover+foam&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=7612490607&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10848616421364426444&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_2v6xv3qzt1_e" rel="nofollow">cover</a> over the microphone to lessen the effects of wind.<br> <br> Also... thanks for pointing out that they have a USB to MIC adapter cable... very useful!<br> <br> Thanks,<br> Jerry
The frame housing works great! It's light weight and unobtrusive. Having an exposed lens makes me nervous though. I know the regular housing puts one more piece of glass in front of the lens, but the piece of mind for me is worth it. Thanx!
No prob. Great instructable! I had the feeling that is what you were using, but I just wanted to make sure. Congrats on being featured in their email today also!
Good! I like it!
Looks like a neat weekend project! Thumbs up!
It's good thing!!!! Amazing! <br>

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