Step 8: Sew the Hood to the Jacket

- Like when attaching the sleeves, make sure the coat is inside out and the hood is right-side out.

-Put the hood upside down inside the jacket, lining up the hems of the hood with the hems of the front of the jacket, and sew around the edge.
<p>thnks for the pattern...,</p>
Thanks for the idea I make coats for my dog and have been thinking about what to make a rain coat out of that was cheap. I tried using a shower curtain but it was too cheap and riped. Ikea bag so smart. Thanks!
<p>I feed my dogs Purina One dog food . It comes in very sturdy bags , I believe they are made out of polypropylene plastic . If you turn them inside -out they are white . But for a dog coat , it might be cool to use them right-side out ! </p><p>Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!</p>
<p>Great pattern Displayed!</p>
Even when you are swedish you can't understand the ikea names :) <br><br>
<p>I totally agree</p>
So great!! I love ikea!
<p>count me too</p>
<p>A life saver </p>
<p>I used one bag to make a raincoat for my Westie. </p>
<p>This would be fun to wear to work ( I work at an Ikea)</p>
Great hack.
To me this excellent contraption appeals from the health-related viewpoint. Most commercial raincoats around here are made from PVC, which can't be healthy at all, because it just reeks disgustingly when worn (or if you just put your nose close enough).<br><br>Other raincoats are made of PE foil (as far as I know), which is not harmful, or less harmful than PVC - again, just to my knowledge.<br>The problem is - they are too thin and don't last. There's the danger of tearing them on the first use.<br><br>I think the Ikea bags are made of PE or PET plastic and are also extremely sturdy.<br>This kind of makes your idea the holy grail of raincoats, I think!<br><br>I'm bookmarking this until I get my hands on four bags. ;-)
Oh, that is excellent !<br> Have you tried wearing it in IKEA yet ?
Awesome!! I love those Ikia bags, this would be a great way to show the love, except that I don't know if I could part with FOUR bags! They are too useful, last time I had to move I didn't even need to find extra because I put everything in Ikea bags. The best part is they fold up small and flat to store until your next move. (Being in college I move a lot and the whole dilemma of storing boxes vs. throwing them out always got to me.)
Am I the only one who saw the picture before reading the title and was disappointed that it's not an instructable for the sculpture?<br /> <br /> Either way, good job. It looks good.<br />
Nope. I did, too. But I like the coat pattern!
yes<br />
this is fabulous! I love it!<br />
Cool! You should try to get a hold of the yellow in-store IKEA bags to make contrasting panels or trim.&nbsp; I guess the next step is to recycle Fedex envelopes.<br />

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