Make an Image Green in Photoshop





Introduction: Make an Image Green in Photoshop

Want to change your favorite image Green for the month of March?  This can be done easily.  All that you need is a computer, a digital version of the image (scan it in or download it from Google) and Photoshop and voila - Normal to Green.

Step 1: Google Search or Scan Your Image

I choose to Google search an image and found this picture of a super adorable kitten to turn green.

Step 2: Put the Image Into Photoshop

Choose File > New and Copy your image into photoshop.

Step 3: Hue and Saturation

Open Hue and Saturation and move the bars to the left and right to get the base for the green you like.

Step 4: Color and Balance

Adjust the Color and Balance so the green really shines through.

Step 5: Save

Make sure you save to a file format such as JPG if you plan to use this image on a computer without Photoshop.  To do this go to
File > Save As > change the drop down to JPG

Step 6: Enjoy Your Green Cat

Print / Add to a Power point / Or just leave as your background like I did.  Whatever you choose, enjoy your Green Cat (or whatever else you choose)!



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hahaha just found this and love it, thanks

That's really cool!

Thanks! Imagine my hubby's surprise when he got up this morning to see my cute green kitten!