Every winter I enjoy eating Hazelnuts ( Filberts ) but my classic nutcrackers had me picking bits
of nut-meat out of the crushed remains. Now you can build an impact nutcracker that does a
better job. It is fun to use and makes a great gift for the right person.

This nutcracker works by striking a shelled-nut with a hammer ( moving 1" diameter 2" rod )
against an anvil ( stationary hex head 5/8 bolt ).

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

To make this project, you will need:

Tools ;
A measure tape.
A hack saw.
A drill and a 3/4" drill bit.
Hot glue gun.
   You should be able to find one for less then$6 on eBay.
Two taps, drill bits and a tapping tool for an 8/32 and 5/16 x18 threaded holes.
    You need a  #29 drill bit for the 8/32 tap and
    A 17/64" drill bit for the 5/16 tap though a 1/4" drill bit will do.
A  Dremel tool.
Some files.
Safety glasses.
Hand impact punch .
A Vice or
Locking Pliers.
A Drive Socket Set.

This Nutcracker is built into a short length ( 11 5/8" ) of common one inch PVC water pipe with the flared coupling on one end.  You do need to get the schedule 80 pipe for strength, because of the sliding hammer impacts.    
Schedule 80 one inch water pipes are available in Lowes and Home Depots.

Hammer Group ; [ image #2 and #3 ]
A two inch length of one inch diameter iron rod.
    Some stores sell iron rods that big. 
    I found mine as a discarded swamp cooler fan shaft.
A 3/8" diameter  4 5/8" free length compression spring that was in my bin.
   You could use two, 2" compression springs.
   The spring needs 11 Lbs to be compressed to a 1 5/8" length.
A 5/16 hex bolt 5 5/8" long with full bolt length threads.
A 1 1/2" in diameter 0.05" Thin Washer with a 0.35" hole .
A wood Pull Knob.
   you can find knobs on eBay.
A round head 8/32 machine screw 1" long.
A 1/4" diameter  8/32 standoff  1/2" long.

Anvil Group ; [ image #4 ]
A 1 3/4" diameter  1/8" Thick Washer with a  7/8" or 3/4" hole.
A 5/8 nut and hex bolt 2 1/4" long fully threaded.
A HEAVY Copper  1to 5/8  thread reducer as extra impact rest mass.
   You could use a half dozen 1 inch 11/16" hole washers and another 5/8 nut.

Hi. This is an excellent project that is very detailed in its build. Thank you very much for creating and sharing this!
Thank you for the nice comment about my first project :-)<br><br>A
My head is spinning with possibilities here.....with an added flash guard (safety for the operator) it could become quite the &quot;cap gun&quot; if one can still find the paper roll type.<br> <br> Covered with &quot;wood grain&quot; contact paper, it'd look almost wooden and REALLY be&nbsp;&nbsp;a conversation&nbsp;piece....etc...<br> <br> It is always a joy to read clear cut instructions and well organized ibles.&nbsp; TY. &nbsp;
I used to play with cap guns, my favorite was the kind that,<br>( a round cap was placed in a brass case covered by a hollow iron rod bullet )<br>then these were placed in a revolver that would strike the brass setting off <br>the cap. Yes... I put more caps into the brass case, only more clean-up :-)<br><br>Our grand kids never see the nut cracker for obvious reasons, even though<br>one of them will inherit.<br><br>Thank you for the nice compliment. Alex<br><br>It is fun to use !
BRILLIANT! (and this one I understand and I love nuts I'm so going to give this a go) The real question of course is....were you a squirrel in another life. Even better, can this be marketed to squirrels...bet they would pay you in nuts...darn. :) In all seriousness this is great, and I am going to try to make one. If I do I'll let you know and post a picture. Thanks for posting such a easy to understand and useful instructable!
You make my tail tingle :-)<br>Thanks again.<br><br>A
Nice equipment, <br>i like to build one before next christmas time.<br>until now i use an old piston of a lawn mower motor, with attached strong rubberband, with witch i shoot the nut to the inside of the piston.<br>but yours is looking much better, especially my wife would be happy when i throw away my ugly construction and use yours.<br>
Thanks for your comment,<br>Feel free to ask more details.<br>Yes, I actually got my wife to use it once or twice.<br>
I thought you were talking about a different type of nuts.
I know what you mean, those nuts are sometimes already cracked.
you, sir, would be a squirrel's best friend.
Thanks, I saw the nice pic of a squirrel on your page.

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