Make an Instructable on an Android Device


Introduction: Make an Instructable on an Android Device

Sharing your Instructables is a fun way to display a skill or hobby with the world.

The ability to access an Instructable on a smartphone can lead to many spur of the moment DIY crafts and projects, but creating an Instructable can be tedious work with a digital camera and a computer. Luckily, the Instructables app enables users to create step by step instructions as they go.

Step 1: Download App From Google Play Store.

On your Android mobile device, navigate to the Play Store app. Search for and download the free Instructables app.

Step 2: Sign Up or Log Into Instructables Account.

Sign up for a free Instructables account. Or log in if you are already registered.

Step 3: Time to Create Your Instructable!

Select "Create Instructable".

Step 4: Name and Categorize Your Instructable.

Name your Instructable. If you can categorize your topic, do so. When finished, select "Next".

Step 5: Write Introduction.

Name your Instructable and write a brief introduction describing it, select "Next" when finished to add steps.

Step 6: Add Step by Step Instruction.

Begin by writing your step by step instructions.

Provide clear and concise directions.

Step 7: Publish and Share.

Once you have added all the required steps, add some keywords to your Instructable. This will help others search for and find yours amongst the vast amount of amazing Instructables available.

When you are ready to share your Instructable with the world, select "Publish" and you are finished.



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    link of app ................ cant find on playstore

    Very nicely done! Thank you for sharing this great guide!