Picture of Make an Instructables header
The Instructables header has always been pretty straightforward, but we thought it would be fun to play around with some images up top that relate to making things.

To make it a little more interesting, we didn't want to add any elements to the photo later in Photoshop. We could tweak the images a bit and remove stuff, but nothing could be added. This meant that the logo had to be really in there.

Thanks to Adobe for letting us test an advance copy of Photoshop CS5 to get this effect quickly and easily.

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Step 1: Make the logo

Picture of Make the logo
We love laser-cutting stuff and this logo was no exception. The logo here is cut from 1/8" white acrylic on our Epilog laser cutter.

The letters were lightly cut so that the protective layer on top was cut through without digging very deeply into the acrylic. This makes it so that you can remove just the letters and the rest of the space is still covered.

Step 2: Painting

Picture of Painting
With the protective layer acting s a stencil it's easy to spraypaint the logo onto the acrylic. I masked off the sides with some masking tape and use a couple coats of black spraypaint.

After that it's easy to remove the protective layer. The only trick is to get the little islands inside a few of the layers. Just get the tip of the blade of an X-acto knife in there and it comes from off.

Step 3: Attach supports

Picture of Attach supports
The supports for the logo are just a couple of pins attached to the back with small pieces of gorilla tape.

Step 4: Place logo in scenes

Picture of Place logo in scenes
In this scene we used a cutting board, the logo, and a knife. Very simple.

This scene was unique in that the pins would not stick into the cutting board since it's very hard. A third leg made of some more gorilla tape and a safety pin was attached to the back. Fortunately, this also made it work out so that the logo was facing the camera.

The lime is there to provide emotional support for the knife.

Pfarmkid3 years ago
what do people without laser cutters (me) supposed to do when a 'ible calls for one?
solo.card4 years ago
 "And the new feature on Instructables, coming next spring to Pro Users. Content aware fill. 

Normally, writing a full instructable would take hours. But with Content aware fill, you can achieve professional results fast. Lets take this as an example. You have started an instructable. "101 uses for paracord", Press the auto-fill button, and content aware fill completes the rest of the instructable based on the title you entered. You can even see it has generated relevant images and attached them to the instructable."

Personally, I think the "full sized" photos rather than the thinner final images. 
They are headers for the "home" page.  Go, see.
 I noticed, but I still prefer the originals!
It just hit me: is the logo just slightly blue or is it me?
It is.
Probably just the light.
Wasagi4 years ago
 You could make a really cool pin out of this!!!
luvit Wasagi4 years ago
wasagi: a peasant with your head on fire!
                        TROGDOR !!

He comes in the night!!!!!!
Wasagi4 years ago
 Now if it can be incorporated with lasers......
gmjhowe4 years ago
 I saw a video of the new content aware features. Can not wait to have a go, its that kind of tool that makes my job so much easier. Alot of work I do in photoshop involves removing things.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add a video screencast of the new tool? Its hard to see what is that different to the CS4 cloning tools otherwise!

Also, super bonus points for creativity, too many people would have just sat infront of photoshop and done this, its great that the entire thing is mostly photography and real, and photoshop is just a tool at the end.
fungus amungus (author)  gmjhowe4 years ago
It is awesome. It's all stuff that I could've done before, but now it's way faster. My wife also dug it because she had some work that involved extending images out and the content-aware fill gave her a huge head start.

I might be able to do a screencast. Don't know if I'll be able to get it done this week, though. I'm off for the next couple days for a trip down to LA.