Step 5: Testing and final assembly

Picture of Testing and final assembly
Plug in your battery and make sure all your LED's light up. Then mount the center top ring assembly to the inner ring assembly by lining up the three bolts and tightening them until the bottom of the top ring assembly sits just above the inner ring assembly. You can add a dab of glue if you want to the bolts to make sure they don't come loose.

Now press the entire assembly into the backplate assembly- note the orientation, making sure everything is aligned correctly. If the fit is really loose, you can put a couple dabs of glue between the wrapped copper wire sections and the backplate to hold everything together.

That's it! Now go finish your Iron Man armor suit...... :)
lmeyers31 year ago
hey Honus i am planning to build this as a school project for my end of the year assignment and i am wonder what is the ring of clear maybe plexiglass? im not sure please respond.
Honus (author)  lmeyers31 year ago
Yep- you can plexiglass/clear acrylic to make the ring. If you have any other questions just let me know!
MrOctober674 years ago
I work at a machine shop with Wire Electrical Discharge Machines, I'll be able to make this perfectly everything exact, the hardest part probably will be using those machines because I'm not the one that programs them, another guy at our shop does that.

I have a niche for making things simpler to do. I'll let you know how it goes.

We also have a lathe too, I will make that outer ring out of aluminum like you said you wanted to do.

I am absolutely giddy about this project,
Honus (author)  MrOctober674 years ago
Cool- make sure to post pics!
TheRealDJ4 years ago
This is fantastic but how many man hours did it take for you to build this? I'm trying to rush job building this in the next two days and I'm curious how to maximize the speed for creating it.
Honus (author)  TheRealDJ4 years ago
It took me about a week working mostly evenings. As far as how to build it faster? I don't really know- maybe make the spider assembly from plastic sheet. I would just either leave out details or try to simplify it as much as possible.
myortvishka5 years ago
This is amazing! I'm going to attempt to build one for my boyfriend, however, I'm just curious about how much this cost you to build. I came with an estimate of around $150. Would you say that's accurate? I don't want to go cheap on this.
Honus (author)  myortvishka5 years ago
I definitely spent much less than that but I'm pretty good a salvaging materials. :)
devinda5 years ago
why dont't you try a necklace like format for the arc reactor . it is easier
IA34715 years ago
Awesome build, looking forward to attempting it myself! Also, if you do wind up doing a kit or group buy, I have a few friends who would certainly want in.
arsenal6 IA34715 years ago
I am definitely interested in a kit if your making one!
Honus (author)  IA34715 years ago
Thanks! I'll definitely keep everyone posted on kit status.
Pitcrew005 years ago
How did you go about attaching the inner and outer rings?
Honus (author)  Pitcrew005 years ago
They're just press fit/glued together. You can use hot glue if you like.
This is quite impressive, It really looks like the actual legit reactor from the move. Also, I think I would be able to obtain all materials from Radioshack and Ace Hardware/Home Depot. Do you know if this is possible?
Honus (author)  FallenHero1355 years ago
Thanks! Wait until you see the new one.....

You could get everything from those places except the surface mount LEDs and the plastic materials.
karuna25115 years ago
where will i get things in india

Honus (author)  karuna25115 years ago
No idea!
bamf918915 years ago
darn alright then well anyways good work
Honus (author)  bamf918915 years ago
I'll definitely let you know if I do kit it but I would hate to promise something by Halloween.
bamf91891 Honus5 years ago
ok thanks man
bamf918915 years ago
this is amazing how much would you charge for one of these??? im a huge iron man fan and this is the best arc reactor i have ever seen i will pay for this, especially to get it by halloween!
Honus (author)  bamf918915 years ago
Sorry but I'm not offering them for sale right now. They're just too labor intensive for me to make. I've been working on making a kit available but it's been slow going....and expensive. I'm not yet sure if it's feasible.
jy5956 years ago
how long did it take you to make the reactor?
Honus (author)  jy5956 years ago
I think about a week- it's pretty labor intensive!
jy5956 years ago
how do you turn it on/off? by the way, good job!
jy595 jy5956 years ago
thanks! where did you get the LEDs?
Honus (author)  jy5956 years ago
I bought them from a local supplier but they can be purchased online here:

I just got some from them and they shipped super fast. You might want to contact them to make sure they're in stock before ordering.
Honus (author)  jy5956 years ago
Thanks! I just unplug the battery but a switch could be wired in.
reactor0116 years ago
I am 13 and i want to build that but i have no tools for that I can make other components to make it have a laser ability. Please put it on ebay.
bull6606 years ago
do you are awesome making it easer for everyone else to have one to
hey man there is a arc reactor on ebay but it is 4 $200 plz put some of urs on ebay for a reasonable price!!!!!!!!! it wuld be a big help!!!! -Tony
Honus (author)  GameLover_976 years ago
I've got a few people that want them. I'm trying to get a kit of sorts going but I have a few other projects I need to finish first so it's going to be a while.
bschott Honus6 years ago
Honus, If someone was willing to pay you $200 for a copy of your Arc Reactor, would you be willing and able to have it done and out to a person before Halloween 2009 rolls around? I think yours is the best of all the reactors shown here at Instructables.com and I'd love to build one myself however I don't have the time. Between work, workouts, guitar practice, and foreign language night class lessons at a local college I have no free time to spend on building this. I like your work and would pay for a good, clean prop. If you were able to make one with straightened, cleaned up wire wraps, I'd happily pay you for it.
Honus (author)  bschott6 years ago
I'm working on doing a small run of them- I'll message you when I'm closer to getting them ready.
DIYwraith6 years ago
I think it is the best arc reactor that is on instructbles
Skaptor6 years ago
good iron man reactor but the best thing its the belt