Step 9: Blast Away!

Picture of Blast Away!
If all went well, you can begin felling stormtroopers.

Here is a video of the blaster operating in a well lit room.

ljm12#3 years ago
wow it looks just like the original prop:D
markee23 years ago
cool project
kruiz-14 years ago
It would also be a nice idea to use the blue LEDs, instead of a chaser, to use them as a "round counter" to then just press a button to "reset" it. It's just something that came into mind while seeing how it works. Although it's really cool.
wow great build 10/10! An other idea is if u used a 20-50mw green laser diode to see the actual laser beam
10 outta 10, good job dude, totally awesome.
 I agree. totally awesome
tjeppen6 years ago
I'm going to (well, at least try to) make the "clip" a battery pack with 2 contacts inside the gun so if "Luke" gets out of ammo (flat battery) he can reload, or just reload for the fun of it :)
cgn3976 years ago
does it actually shoot a laser ball sort of thing or is it a beam? that is really cool though.
Nick_Zouein6 years ago
Very nice idea, well done, great clear instructable !
fsm19826 years ago
Very nice!

I have a suggestion (I do not know the technical feasibility) you could put something that throws up a powder (flour, talcum powder) or smoke.

When it was launched the laser would appear as if the air like the films (because the light can only be seen when enter into contact with something).

What you think about it?
Braqua6 years ago
Awesome project! Congratulations on a well made blaster! What's up with the blue chaser though? Sometimes it seems to trigger much more chaotically than just the chase, then it's back to the regular dandy chase. Could it be if you trigger it again within the 1 second period?
finkbuilt (author)  Braqua6 years ago
Thanks, Yeah, I don't really know what's going on there. I think that the 4017 chip is really sensitive to "noise" or something. I couldn't solve it. Cheers, steve
Yupp, I have noticed it myself a few times. Have you found it to be related to multiple "shots" within a second, or does it happen if you wait a second or two between each shots? It would perhaps be an idea to bake it all onto one Arduino or PIC. :-)
finkbuilt (author)  Braqua6 years ago
No, its not multiple shots with a second, the thing is just skittish. Yes, this level of complexity would definitely be easier with a microcontroller. But the whole thing was an ongoing electronics learning experience for me.
And it worked out beautifully. Well done!!
Great for laser tag.
that's kinda nerdy but ridiculously wicked. are you an electric engineer/major? it must have taken you forever. I envy your skills
far2_gr87 years ago
Very cool! I cannot imagine how long that must've taken to build though...