Step 2: Wire up the transformer

Picture of Wire up the transformer
Okay, before we attach the wires to the transformer, you need to take a look at it first...

The two leads of the transformer that are connected to the mains power source, is the primary (the high voltage side), and the other two leads are the secondary (the low voltage side).
We are going to connect the transformer in reversed, I mean the primary (the high voltage side) of the transformer becomes "secondary" and the secondary (the low voltage side) becomes "primary".

So we are going to connect the battery on the primary (the low voltage side) of the transformer and we will get some sparks from the secondary (the high voltage side)!

Right, attach the wires to the transformer!

Couldn't you just pull one of these out of a phone charger and run the marx generator on it for a handheld supply? :D
Pilgrimm5 years ago
Hi guys. Don't know a thing about all this electricity stuff, except that your 'ibles are fascinating, and that stuff is in the wall somewhere. My question, really, is, "Can't you guys get together and come up with some surprises for those Al Qaeda jerks?" Fascinating stuff. Thanks and be safe.
I know this is a late reply, but you have a good idea, pooling together the resources of this amazing site to create defenses or offenses against terrorists. Good idea
sheepborg5 years ago
uh i found this huge transformer thing while working at a camp that little kids take apart electronics. is there any way i can use this and if so how do i hook it up
i dont think you could use it, it probably can only run on mains but thats a cool transformer, what is the camp called?
belgvr6 years ago
i made one like that when i was only 10 years old... and it was accidentally. i brought it to school and zpped my friends, it was preety cool
tesla coil6 years ago
Your transformer must have a transistor or some kind of pulsing circuit in it . you can't just put DC into a transformer and just have it put out high voltage pulsed?!
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