Make an Ultra Simple High Voltage Generator

Step 3: Connect to battery and have fun!

Connect either one wire from the primary (the low voltage side) to one terminal of the battery (don't worry, you can connect it any way round). Then bring two secondary wires (the high voltage side) very close to each other (about 2 mm) and then tap the other primary wire to the other terminal of the battery.

And then, you should see sparks on the ends of the secondary wires, and you may hear a little "snap" too!
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Pyro Fiend4 years ago
do i keep the circuitry with the diodes and capacitor. probably not. also, the side that was attached to the prongs that go in the wall, do i attatch that to the battery??????????????????
Ok so this is a very late reply, but for other people who will ask the same question...
no, the side which attached to the prongs which go into to wall is the side where the sparks will be generated. attach the battery to the other side.
but don't go throwing away the circuitry also, there are parts you can get from them.
no you don't. all's you need is the my experience, those diodes and caps make for a slow slow discharge of energy through the transformer....if it 's 16 volts like mine was it took like 5 minutes to lose the charge...i found that out the hard way! :)
transformers are met to work with ac or pused dc currents does this really work?

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