Step 6: Using the pesticide

Picture of Using the pesticide
Using the funnel, fill the spray bottle up and set the nozzle to a light mist.

At this point, the rest of the liquid can be capped and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Simply shake it up before it is used.

Take the spray bottle and spray the plants first. Try to get all over the plant including the stem and under the leaves. Spray the soil as well so that the top of it is wet.

What this liquid does is make every part of the plant that it touches unpalatable to the insect. The water evaporates and leaves behind the odor and flavor. It smells and tastes gross and they won't eat it. When they won't eat anymore, they eventually starve. The liquid will not kill the insects on contact, so do not get upset if you see increased activity after the application. They're simply struggling to find something to eat.

Treat every 4 or 5 days to kill off the pests and prevent newly-hatched babies from feeding. It may take 3 or 4 treatments, but the numbers should gradually decrease.

daviddunbar111 months ago

thank you for the info. Great solution! Love it is natural.

armetisius2 years ago
It is only a small amount of soap in the total solution anyway; however, for those concerned about it here is a viable solution. Since the soap really only acts as a sticking agent in this formulation why not substitute fish oil for use outside. The odor would be strong so not for indoor use but a standard fish oil from the farm dept. would not only achieve the sticking quality but also provide nutrients to the plants as it breaks down.
I can't wait to use this!Because of were I live bugs just love to eat up my plants and i am about to plant some tomatoes so I needed something that would keep the bugs away thanks iPodGuy!
burnergirl7 years ago
I've been looking for a way to banish all the wee mite-like flying pests that have managed to set up house in just about every plant I have inside (which is approaching a small greenhouse, now - a mix of succulents, cactus and tropical). This seems a lot more effective than just using the soapy water my mother used to use. I'm hoping this will do the trick!
Plus, your entire place will smell either offensive or delicious!
fatcow6 years ago
Thank you for this! I have started my new large garden this year and I have been nibbling my nails worried I wouldn't be able to fend the buggas off without chemical based pest controls. By the sounds of it I wouldn't want to eat anything covered in this stuff. Thanks again
dynamicdiy7 years ago
Since cilantro and other herbs have insect repellent properties, would you suggest I use them in my homemade pesticide spray. I also have a subtropical Bael fruit that has a pulp that can be used as detergents. I think I will use that in substitution for the Seventh Gen. soap.