Step 2: Sketching the Template.

Take a piece of paper about 120cm long by about 70cm wide. Some pieces of printer paper can be taped together, to make a big enough piece.
Look for an outline of the headdress part of an ancient Egyptian Death Mask. Searching ‘Anubis’ also brings up some suitable images. There’s a plethora of online reference pictures available. This may sound odd, but look for images of the traditional, ceremonial wig worn by The Speaker of the House (a UK parliamentarian) - the kind of wig with the long flaps down either side. This makes a mean base from which to design a template for an ancient Egyptian headdress.  The attached picture is of some judges; or possibly actors playing judges, because they look a little too posed.  But their wigs are great.
When you have enough images, start sketching. In our design, the meeting point of the back and front will fit together later on (when the back is folded over, the tops of the two fronts will be joined to the top sides of the back, at a sort of ‘shoulder’ area). Make sure your sketched template fills the whole paper. Better too big than too small.
Our headdress has to fit over a big dog-like head, so our template is ‘roomy’ round the face. I’ve made some red lines around the face in one of the photos as a bit of a guide, if you need to bring the face area in.
wow i need to make something like this plus no sew that is a good bonus
Thank you! There's a small amount of sewing; however zeebeez (see comments below) was able to replace the sewn parts with glue. Maybe try a spray-on type of glue?
I love this idea, thank you so much. <br>I am just about to attempt this for my son to wear at school. <br>Thanks again for the great idea :)
Thank you so much for commenting! I am bad at sewing, so I'm very glad that someone else is going to attempt this - you'll do a much better job at it.
Well, after hours of work :( I can seriously say yours looked much better. <br>I forgot to buy the iron on backing and so ended up covering the fabric with glue, laying the strips down and then ironing over the top of them to get them to dry and stick securely. <br>The headress felt like I had used 2 full tins of starch on it, it was sooooo stiff lol, and someone asked if I had attacked a cushion cover (the cheek of it!!) <br>Ah well you can't win 'em all. <br>Still think it's a fab idea tho x
Glue? A great idea! Was it that spray-on type of glue? I can see it being kind of stiff, but still an awesome and time-saving idea. You could maybe get around the stiffness problem by making small alterations in the design. You could have the front flaps swinging free, instead of being partially attached to the main body. And maybe the back could be shortened, so that it's above the shoulders. Not sure how to get round the (possible) stiffness in the curved area at the forehead though.

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