Step 5: Preparing the coloured strips of fabric.

Picture of Preparing the coloured strips of fabric.
Hint: if using foil jersey, cut the strips so that they stretch widthways, not lengthways. This makes them easier to fold and iron. It also makes them look better; the metallic foil coating has more of a sheen to it.
Cut strips out of blue and gold foil jersey, allowing for a foldover on each long side.   
For the front sections, make them about 5-6cm wide and 15-25cm long (the top pieces are the longest). 
For the back section, make them about 50cm long - depending on the length of the back – and about 6-7cm wide.
Put the fabric strips on the ironing board; fold the sides inwards and iron them flat, using a lowish or synthetic heat setting.
For the fronts: iron the first few strips (about sixteen: eight of each colour) so that they’re graduated, like men's neckties: narrower at one end, and wider at the other. In other words, fold the edges over more at one end and less at the other.  The rest of the fabric strips are straight.
For the back: iron all of the strips so that they’re slightly graduated.