Make an Automatic Closing Door Using Water.





Introduction: Make an Automatic Closing Door Using Water.

 I am not the only one that has been annoyed by someone not closing my bed room door and from that comes this, an automatic closing door! After a while of wondering how I could make my door close by itself I realized I was over looking the simplicity in the task I wanted to acheive. Its so easy you can basicaly do it for free with materials around your house. This "automatic closing door" needs only 3 things to work properly and those things are: a pop bottle (2L) filled with water, a long peice of rope (the stronger the better) and a hook screw. first thing you do is fill up the pop bottle all the way and tie one end the long piece of rope around the neck of the bottle then drill a small hole through one of the top corners of your door (not the side with hinges) after you drilled a hole through the door feed the other end of the rope through the door and tie it off. You could use other methods of attaching it to the door if you would like. after the pop bottle is attached to the door with the rope you will notice it wont close, this is where the hook screw plays its role, you need to mount the hook screw on the wall next to the door frame and loop the rope through it, this allows the water weight to fall and pull the door shut once you let go of the door. The weight of the bottle isnt to overwhelming to lift when you open the door yet its just enough to close the door. You push the door open as you would normaly and once you let go the weight of the bottle will close the door.  Very easy and simple, right? I hope you liked this. 

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You must realy hate open doors since you couldnt wait to go and buy a hook screew ;) thank you for the share.

I am very impatient lol and youre welcome. glad you liked it.

Very well could have. I only had one hook screw so I had to make do lol