Step 5: Win Shots for All Your Friends.

Bike cautiously and enter through doors bent over. Later win best costume and share the glory with all your great friends. 
<p>Did you have to cut the back to get in and out or did the woman just slip it over? Just wondering how the man got it off after making the holes. Thanks!</p>
<p>Did you use the plastic packing tape or the paper kid that you need to wet with a sponge?</p>
Just plain ol' packing tape! Instead of the clear, we used a brownish color, but you can always spraypaint/paint it at the end!
<p>I also won an award, you an also make it go to your ankles if you are doing a play. and if possible you can use beige long socks for your arms.(i used hockey socks)</p>
This looks fantastic. I showed this to my daughter and now she wants to be a tree for Halloween.
OMg, takes pictures! how old is she? it's really fun to make.
she is 5. and i will take a few pictures.
here is a picture of my finished product
Is that a blue ribbon I see?! Award-winning was a correct adjective I suppose. Congrats to you both!
yes she took 1st in her age division at one of our cities costume contests.
O my goodness, she is so adorable! Thank you for sharing and making my day.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
OOooo!!! Thank you. Exciting! Can't wait to hear!!
I think this is stellar! I love the simplicity of it.. and the part that makes me kind of laugh, How long was somebody wearing this for in order for you to sculpt it..? because it looks like a long time and that's some serious dedication to a good outfit.
Thank you!! Once the initial form was made, it could be worked on without a person inside. It wasn't more than an hour!
great idea for a costume!
Great costume! The packing tape imitates bark really well.

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