Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue

Picture of Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue
Now that Harry Potter fever is upon us once more, I thought you would like to have a go at making some really nice Harry Potter Wands. This is such a simple but effective instructable. With a sheet of paper, some glue and a bit of paint, and about 40 minutes to spare this instructable will show you how you can make a Harry Potter type wand that would not look out of place in the film itself. I designed it and I have already made a load for my kids, even my girlfriend and her 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend wanted one each! For the frist few stages I have drawn pictures of what you have to do and then for the painting part I have taken photos to show you exactly what to do. It's very simple but the effect is fantastic. For more projects like this visit dadcando where there is more Harry Potter type wizarding projects and a load of other craft printables and templates.

If you like this but want more of a challenge which not try it with added magic in the instructable A really magic Harry Potter wand for Lumos and Reveal Your Secrets charms, you get to make a wand with a UV LED at the tip that can reveal secret and otherwise invisible writing. (But I'd try this one first to get the idea).
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Step 1: Prepare your paper

Picture of Prepare your paper
Stick a strip of double sided tape diagonally across a sheet of A4 or US Letter sized paper

Step 2: Tightly roll the paper starting in the corner

Picture of Tightly roll the paper starting in the corner
Roll the paper starting in the corner and roll diagonally, rolling one end very slightly less that the other so that the thin paper roll is tapered. Roll until you get to the double sided tape, roll over this so that the tapered roll sticks to it

Step 3: Glue the last third of the roll

Picture of glue the last third of the roll
Smear the free corner of the paper with a little PVA glue (Elmer's Glue) so that whole surface is, (or will be when it is rolled up) covered in glue.

Then continue to roll the wand tightly and hold (with fingers) till it's dry
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lmihalenko3 years ago
Thank you so much for your excellent directions! I was able to make 24 beautiful wands for my children's birthday party and everyone loves them!
chain pattern.JPGelder wand.JPGsnake pattern.JPGspiral.JPGswirl pattern.JPGvine patterns.JPG
Wow Did You Make These Out of Paper ?? Are they all yours??
Yes, I just followed the instructions given. They were made for my kids' Harry Potter birthday party and each child got one to take home. They loved them!
So cool!!! How did you make the holes in the knots of the top right wand?
You make a big lump with hot glue and then poke holes in it when the glue is still wet with a tooth pick
loox6 years ago
here are some harry potter wands I made. it makes so much fun to make then...i can't stop making them ; )

My son really likes your Voldemort wand; how did you make the handle?

KaptinScarlet (author)  loox6 years ago
they look absolutely great, really realistic.
how did you make the voldemort wand loox
frenzy loox4 years ago

have great news!

This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership!

Thanks for using instructables!
those are amazing they look like da real deal!!!!
The voldemort or dumbledore (I can never remember which one) wand one at the bottom looks really good!
KaptinScarlet (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
looking at these I would say that the white one is Voldemort's (Dumbledore's has little balls along its length) and the one above it is Harry's. they do look great though don't they
haha balls haha
KaptinScarlet (author)  CarStalkerZ6 years ago
Kaptin Scarlet’s great caper Is a wand made of paper Its major downfalls - A lack of wand balls, Is more than made up by its hot-melt-glue-coated taper
yes they do! This is a great method of making them! Pity i dont have a glue gun >:-C
KaptinScarlet (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
you gotta get one, it makes it possible to make so much stuff. They onlt cost about £10 / $10, put it on your Christmas list. One person used this method but used string instead of glue gun glue to make the ridges. not as easy but the end effect wasn't bad at all
bigbrock15 loox6 years ago
make me one.
pdriscoll13 years ago
This was super fun!! Thanks!
photo 1.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 2.JPG
Oh my gosh that is cool.
Oh wow, that looks super amazing, so cool.
KaptinScarlet (author)  pdriscoll13 years ago
Thanks for the kind words. BTW this is one of the most creative wands I think I have seen and a fabulous spin on this project. Thanks for posting these pictures, the wand looks brilliant
WOW Thank you so much!!!
That's... Brilliant and very morbid. This is a highly creative take on wands in general. How did you make the wand curved?
NariaAmore1 year ago
These are the ones I have made so far, for me and my two little girls.
SorrelTail2 years ago
my friend always jokes about waiting for her acceptance letter, so I decided for her birthday I'd make her a wand so she can "practice while she waits". Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! It's simple and amazing <3
photo (3).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto (1).JPG
detection2 years ago
Thanks so much for this tutorial! My boyfriend and I attended a Potter Party for Harry's birthday earlier this week as Tonks and Lupin, so I recreated their wands. They came out great! :)
I love my new one...
It worked so well! It looks like its a real wand. Thank you so much again for the tutorial.
Thank you so much for those directions! They helped so much!
menishmittal made it!1 month ago

"Look",grunted Hagrid,"M' wand"


Instead of hot glue for the design I stack on some soldering wire:)

sorry stuck on

Instead of hot glue for the design I stack on some soldering wire:)

mmichalet2 months ago
I love this project, but just a question ... Isn't the wand a little bit soft ?
Because the use of paper make me think it won't be stiff enough ... Am I wrong ?
KshitiY2 months ago

Awesome tutorial and amazing looking wands in the comment sections. I have a question, how do I make the details on Voldy's wand? He has that cool handle type thing going on, but I'm not sure how to do that.... is it just hot glue??

I dont have hot glue gun, what should i do!

get a hot glue gun. its worth $ 15.00

3.99 at Micheals plus and additional 3.99 for glue! :)
agrotera1 year ago
is it hard enough? or is it soft? Im worried that it might break easily :(
answer asap please? :D
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